Do white models get dirty?
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Thread: Do white models get dirty?

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    Default Do white models get dirty?

    I am thinking about going with Biel-Tan as my craftworld for my new Eldar mini\'s. I like the idea of painting my models mostly white, including the wraithlord. My question is over time do white models get dirty? I would hate to spend the time and effort just to see them smudged up from game play later.

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    i dont really know do be honest i wouldnt of thought so if you varnish them

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    They do, if you handle them. I know because I used to play a mainly white empirearmy. But that\'s the price of having an army that can be seen at the battlefield.. I still think it\'s worth it :)

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    You could wear white gloves as you play, to prevent dirtying of the minis. It\'d be sort of your theme... :)

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    well i would imagien they do but surely it adds to the realism

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