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Thread: CMON Annual 2008 is a go!!!!

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    Originally posted by Routaporsas
    I\'m taking some new (and lager) photos, but for some reason they just aren\'t 300dpi even though they are like 2048x1536 and some even larger.

    I mean, shoul I just send tohose pictures that have 200-250 dpi or what ???
    Sort of. I think Borg wants the image processing to be simpler on the graphic designer. Just follow the instructions I gave- in that excerpt you posted, the client did what I described, but left \"Resample Image\" checked. If you uncheck it before resizing, you\'ll see that the \"size\" in inches will change (a 2048x 1536 pixel image will go from about 28.4\"x21.3\" to about 6.82\"x 5.12\") though the size in pixels will stay the same.

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    I actually have problems sending to the yahoo-adress...

    It told me twice a amil delivery failure... pictures are ready for sending, so please give me a note what to do now...


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    Same problem as Jarhead, hoping to get some more time because I\'m going away on a trip for a week now.

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    Would be great to get a reply to that problem... most of my pictures are ready for sending... just give us the information ;)

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    me too, I am also receiving the \'permanent delivery failure\' notification straight after sending an emial to

    And like jarhead, I\'m ready to send in a multitude of pics! :D

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    Hmm I have sent to the Yahoo address, should I get a reply? It would be annoying if they didn\'t receive my email and I didn\'t know about it

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    Well I emailed again and didn\'t recieve the failed delivery message back, so I guess it might be up and running!

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    So i\'ll give it a try again...

    As i think it might be a bit too much work to answer everyone that their pictures have arrived... so just pray and hope in the end...

    Let\'s start the picture rush at the again... yeah! :D


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    Seems to be working well so far, I have managed to get three quarters of my miniatures photographed and I will hopefully get the rest in tonight. It will certainly be a must buy, so many great miniatures and miniature painters these days.:D

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    the email was down over the weekend because it was full :) keep trying, if you still get an error, email them to me at and I will take care of it.

    Deadline Exteneded to April 20th.

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    This is good news, As work and ill health has hindered me getting this done.

    Borg I gather people will get a confirmation that you have received their pictures?

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    cool extension - can get this bloody mini finished befor ei sort these now

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    Originally posted by borg
    the email was down over the weekend because it was full :) keep trying, if you still get an error, email them to me at and I will take care of it.

    Deadline Exteneded to April 20th.
    I\'ve emailed both the yahoo address and and both seem to be full now.

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    I got bounces too, but it looks like my files went through to the fotogirl address.

    Would appreciate a confirmation of some kind. Hopefully everything went to plan!

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    Thanks! :) It seems like they got through to that address now.

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    Hi Borg

    I have tried to send my pics to you on both and
    And it has bounced back twice.

    To it says Mail delivery failed

    To it says Undeliverable.

    I have also posted this on here, encase you miss the email...or it comes back!

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    Use this address: fotogirl19 at

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    My computer has gone kaputt, so unless I have any luck with it tonight when I come home from work I\'ll have to pass on this. :(

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    If you are going to be late, send them directly to me to shop @, and I will see what I can do.

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    Originally posted by Avelorn

    Use this address: fotogirl19 at
    Thanks Averlon

    I had an email from Borg, saying he had received my Red riding hood. I don\'t know how as it got bounced back twice...He truly is magic:cool:

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