What do Marvel and Rackham have in common?

Both of them employed sculptors that are now working for Miniature Mentor! We are proud and extremely excited to introduce James Van Schiak and former Rackham Lead Sculptor Aragorn Marks as future instructors.

You've seen his work, you've bought his minis, now get ready to be blown away by one of the industry's most sought after miniature sculptors. Aragorn Marks will be doing two tutorials for us that will cover all aspects of the sculpting process including the often overlooked casting stage. Tutorial number one will be the awesome barbarian - number two will have to wait. Check out his blog here for some samples of his past work. And while you're there leave a comment or two - he'll really appreciate it!

Former Marvel sculptor James Van Schiak sculpted over 20 pieces for their Hero Clix system. Now he demonstrates his unique talent for sculpting exciting and dynamic characters in our first character sculpting video.