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    I\'ve started an account (hakomike kids) to post minis painted by my children and the children of the neighborhood who always want to come over and paint. Any encouragement or suggestions you could provide them would make their day.

    First off, we have an Ork, by Seth (age 5)


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    Wow! Very Impressive for a 5-year old! Only thing I can see to work on is to make sure he gets all the individual details painted. Looks like he painted everything on the chest the same colour.

    Keep it up Seth! You\'ll be a Golden Demon winner in no time! ;)

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    Love passing this tip along, but if you\'ve got younger kids coming, or those who just want to slap paint on, buy some washable Crayola paint. Let them paint something with that (the tip originally applied to a large vehicle mini). Once they\'re finished with it, it just takes a quick dip under the faucet to get it ready to paint again.

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    I started out using enamels on green placcy army men. Kids today don\'t know they\'re born!!

    That\'s actually better than one my (then 30 year old) mrs

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    Next up, my daughter Lily has painted a centaur. Lily was not happy with the flat look her colors had, so she\'s been experimenting with shading. I could not talk her into using anything but black. :D Gotta give the girl credit for sticking to her guns!

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    Inmediately to shading.. wow! It always makes me warm when I see proud fathers post up pics from their children^^

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    Nicely done Seth, that is one scary ork!

    Lily, I really like that blonde hair, and that pink outfit. Centaurs really know how to accessorize!

    Keep it up kids, that\'s some great and more imporantly FUN stuff!

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    I love this thread, being a father myself. I might post the pics from my kid here too. He\'s 3.5 going on 4, and loves to paint with daddy. :D

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    Good first efforts. I would suggest something along the lines of \'look at a photo\' to provide guidance for things like hair colour. If that gets ignored for black then fair enough.

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    Originally posted by kxtrey
    I love this thread, being a father myself. I might post the pics from my kid here too. He\'s 3.5 going on 4, and loves to paint with daddy. :D
    That would be great! I\'d love to see pics!

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    I used to take my bits box (it was huge with masses of odd and ends) into school once in a while and have competitions to see who could come up with the wierdest mutant!

    The kids could use whatever they liked from the bits box and they would glue them together, then paint them up. We ended up with a fantastic horde of Bosch-esque freaks that we used to use as a random occurence or to slap-down power gamers :D

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