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    Nice work. Not too keen on the Spartan girl, but I like my minis a little more clothed.
    I really like Lunah - Elf Sorceress, would like to see different angles of her.

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    Originally posted by gohkm
    How about doing a special? Say, your new figs in a boxed set for 20 quid or something :).
    We\'re looking at a couple of \"headline grabbers\" for the official release of the website in a few weeks involving the 2 lines within Kabuki, so you may have pre-empted something there ;)

    And Atacam, does this help? :)

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    She\'s mooning me :)! I\'m in love :) ...

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    Thank you. That has to be about the best Elf sculpt I have seen. I will get one soonish :cool:

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    Glad you like her ;)

    You can swim up if you like, cos I\'m only up the road at Frinton... :P

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    Originally posted by Iacton
    Glad you like her ;)

    You can swim up if you like, cos I\'m only up the road at Frinton... :P
    lol. Would probably be quicker than driving!:D

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    It\'s in the news section, but Banshee has recently completed the studio version of Lunah, and here she be...

    Available right now from either myself or my Italian colleague (who is splashed on the front page currently ;)

    My ebay linky - HERE

    Cheers :cool:

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    Hi chaps,

    The main website is up now - www.kabukimodels.com (if you are a firefox user on vista, you may not get past the splash page because the flags are missing [we're working on it], so go to - http://www.kabukimodels.com/index.php )

    Also, you can now obtain our models from several UK based retailers, including Allsorts Emporium - http://www.allsortsemporium.net/ and SK miniatures - http://www.skminiatures.co.uk/

    Very shortly we will have a rather nice US based seller, but I won't steal their thunder...

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    Some great stuff you've got there.

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    Thanks Trevor ^_^

    We also have 2 new minis due VERY shortly - well, tell a lie, one of them is already available, but we're waiting for a studio paint.

    Here he is...

    Ikazuchi No Tora

    The 2nd model will have pics up soon

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    Well, if you've come here via the front page, you hopefully will notice that we're now in the CMON store.

    I hope that you stop by and by some!!

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    Love the female barbarian - ordered it immediately upon seeing it, but the picture doesn't do it justice; had to go to Gael's site for the full sculpt. Nonetheless, it is an awesome piece!!!

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    ikazuchi is a great model got mine cleaned and preppped ready for paint as we speak....

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    What about kabuki noh, cosplay and demon characters? They are one off the popular kabuki characters. and yes squid game characters are also in trend.

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