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    Hey Gang,

    I finished up this pair a couple weeks ago. They round out my Dark-Age Skarrd demo force, but I\'m really trying to push toward competition level painting. I know I have a LOT of room to improve. I would really appreciate any critiques you can give.

    Tribal Father:

    Bone Doc:


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    hey pez...

    for an army to game with, these look great...
    looks like your paint-fu is gettin\' powerful...
    keep it up...


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    Thanks Jah, but honestly, I\'m trying to push my \'show quality\' model painting skills....

    So for comp. quality where do these stand?


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    Well for starters, I would say you need to start experimenting with pushing your shadows deeper and your highlights brighter. Your blending is getting really good so aside from continuing to push for smoother and smoother blends, I would say you need to really start making more contrast! Now I\'m sure that you have lost some of that contrast just in the photo alone...in real life I\'m sure these are a bit darker and a bit brighter. What I do is take photos all through the process. I see what works and what doesn\'t. I can tell that you are getting more comfortable with the blending process so this is the next step. Keep on rockin!!!:D

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    @Ollie: I felt like the contrast on the Bone Doc was pretty good. Where would you have pushed him more. I think the father looks pretty washed out... I\'m not sure how to get those dark shadows in areas like his chest and under his pecks while still keeping them natural looking.

    Anyone else?

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    My last cry for feedback!

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    hmmm, water down your paint more, and try to use more layers to get the same results. it will look better! also i see you do have a good sense of \"colored shadows\" but try more coloring. automations articles are great examples of putting colors in your minis. and he is one of the best
    goodluck dude :D

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    Do what ollie said, push the contrast, keep practising the smooth blends.
    Skin is a tricky one to get contrast in, so perhaps try doing minis with no or little skin.
    Once you can blend smoothly from black* through your colour to white you have the basic skill for competition work IMHO.

    * Doesn\'t actually have to be black, just very very dark to very very light. Once you have that mastered you can back off, its just about getting in the mindset of pushing contrast to get an effect.

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    I really like how you balanced the warm cloth colours with the colder skin colours, really nice work IMO.
    I can only echo what has already been said otherwise, a bit darker in the deepest parts, and maybe some glazes for the skin :beer:

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    Originally posted by Trevor
    Skin is a tricky one to get contrast in, so perhaps try doing minis with no or little skin.
    I\'ll try that, It seems like skin is the essential piece to master, but I have such a long way to go, I can see the value of working on other things first.

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    If you\'re shading down you could use very very thin glazes of colour like catachan green and hawk turquiose on the skin. Sounds weird, but it does work. The glazes need to be really thin though.

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