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Thread: What model is this???

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    Default What model is this???

    I was wondering what model this was. i do know there have been some conversions done to this one, but does anybody know where i can find/get this model??? thanks so much

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    sorry guys heres the link

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    I\'m pretty sure it\'s from the GW Inquisitor line of models... but I can\'t seem to find it on the web site.


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    2nd thats its a inquistor scale model. i believe hes called the familiar and comes with another model. here we go i thought i came with this model but i must have been mistaken.

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    i believe its the familiar from necromanda.the store by my house has it and i could get it for you if you like.

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    He is part of a diorama with the write up here, which says it is from the Inquisitor line. I am guessing it is one of the discontinued pieces, however I still have my Big Book of All Things GW in a box downstairs. I will give a look through it when I find it, and let you know so you can search eBay for it.

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    if it is inquisitor scale, do you think it would go well with the retinue of the new forgeworld inquisitor? or do you think that he\'ll be to big? becuase he actualy looked rellly small nxt to the penny but i have never held him or actualy seen min, so i wouldent know

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    Completely different sizes mate, won\'t mesh.


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    Despite being inquisitor size there is no reason why u couldn\'t use him, i mean you could create a little backstory to him as like a gene enhanced warrior that retains the look of a child or something similarly crazy.

    If it is inquisitor it was probably from the fanatic mag days where they brought out the additions etc they seem to have discontinued most of them though

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    alright guys thanks alot, i guess ill go with a generic familiar from a box set. the reason need to find a good one is because the forgeworld one is 4 models and i need 5 for demon to be legal (this is true right?)

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