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    Default Scratchbuilt land dragon wip

    Hi guys
    i thought id start a wip thread of my current project, the first dragon im making for Necromancer graphix. its in its very early stages yet. im not intending to give him wings.
    those of you who met me at GD UK last year might remember the concept sketch for this.

    anyway ive finally started work and i thought id post what ive done so far. ive learned a lot from the last few ones that are still in varying stages of progress. university ate up my time so i never got them finished but im coming to the end of the semester now so ill have more time to work on my sculpts in summer.

    a long way to go yet but the basic shape is coming together. ill get all the basic shape and muscling done before i start adding the details and armour plating scales

    comments and crits are welcome :)


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    its looking amazing, i love the jaws and how serpentine it is, but still thick with weight. cant wait to see the limbs

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    already responded to the PM on this ut will add it here that I am definitely excited by this I can see even at this early stage the potential for this to truly rock.. keep it up nd look forward to seeing progress.

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    thanks for the comments guys

    another update, ive done quite a bit of work since the last update though theres still a hell of a lot to do. im still contemplating whether to give him wings or not but he is a big heavy dragon and probably not the sort who would be able to fly well if at all.

    comments and crits are welcome as always

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    looking brilliant so far

    i bet mike will have a smile on his face when he see\'s this !!!

    cant wait to see it finished


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    Looking great, excellent pose and detail on the face so far.

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    Originally posted by sg2009
    i bet mike will have a smile on his face when he see\'s this !!!
    I did.:D
    Personally I\'d go for Wings as I\'m a Traditional European Style Dracophile. However an option for either wouldn\'t be amiss.

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    another update :) the armour plates on the top half of the neck are a different colour as theyve been cut and filed to shape them, the lower ones are still uncured so ill have to wait before i can work on them. im stil trying to decide whether to give him wings

    i ordered a set of needle pliers so hopefully when those get here i can start doing the dentistry work on him, i nearly drove myself mad trying to put teeth in the last dragon i did with a pair of tweasers

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    I\'ve been trying to figure out exactly how big this guy is. It looks like the background there is either the back rest of a computer desk chair or a futon/couch. It definitely gives me a better idea of the scale. Also the fact that there are some grooves in the fabric from just the sheer weight of it gives me a better idea of how heavy he is getting. Keep it up, looking great.

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    yeah lets see something for scale. And this guy is shaping nicely, judging from the head hes gonna look awesome.

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    heres a picture to show the scale. the dragon is pretty heavy now as the body is pretty much solid greenstuff and it does weigh a surprising amount

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    mikes smile will have just got bigger lol

    looking great :beer:

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    my onl worry with it currently is the neck is a touch too thick.. it could do with slightly more of a taper from body to head.. I know its a mythical creature before anyone starts but as itstands I just can\'t see that neck thickness currently working in a real life creature. The details are saping up beautifully and Iwouldn\'t want to see tis go wrong further down the lin for you but I just see that as the scale layers are added youwill have a bit of a problem when you get to the breast area and then body onwards....

    keep it coming ..

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    I\'ve always liked the 6 legged land dragons.
    You could add a pair of legs, and then you wouldn\'t have to thin the neck.

    I freakin\' love it!

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