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    Hey everyone,

    I was wondering is there is anyone that has access to newspapers from Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Russia, China, Japan, basically any newspapers that are not English newspapers. If you are able to get these PM me because I am willing to pay for them. Just send me a PM, repeat, and I will give you more details about payments and shipping info. Thanks.

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    I can\'t help but ask why?

    Trying to prove a consipracy theory? That\'s what I would want foreign newspapers for. So I could look at stories from different countries points of view and try to figure out what really happened. If I actually knew more languages I would actually do that as a hobby.

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    I would think in California at a news agent or someplace like a Borders you could pick up foreign newspapers.

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    @ Dragon: Ya I live an area that has alot of asians, mexicans, etc. so I am going to run around to see if I can find any. I will check Borders too.

    @ Gilvan: My GF is working on some project and thinks it will turn out better with multicultural newspapers.

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    we have a local magazine shop that has a large section of international newspapers so they do exist and you should be able to get them....sorry, I have enough to do right now to begin with.

    You might try the local library or just look up different newspapers on the web.

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