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    Default Ujahu from Enigma - articles! :)

    Hi everyone :)

    Here\'s another Enigma figure, which I painted last week for fun.

    I took photos to document the process as I went, and made 2 little articles, which I\'ve uploaded to various places, including here on CMON.

    You can see them here:

    part I - creating the base

    part II - painting the figure

    Hope the articles are ok! They are not quite as in-depth as the previous articles, but hopefully there are a few little interesting bits in there, at least.

    Here\'s a link to the voting page too: http://www.coolminiornot.com/218526

    Thanks guys! :)

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    [smug mode]He He He He I got to read them first. :D:D:D:D:D

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    Gah! You are entirely too good for your own... good.... h\'mm, need to think about that one....

    Looking forward to reading the articles after I get back from the market! :)

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    good work - thanks for sharing

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    Thanks for the comments guys, I always appreciate it when you put in the time :)

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    Cool .. It\'s one of those pieces I have sat in a drawer and always thought could look cool with a face and there it is .. great stuff.

    The NMM sword is fantastic and the overall look of the piece rocks.

    nice easy to follow guide as well . Actually get more from that than detailed colour guide type tutorials . I always feel colours are the bit that everyone finds their own way in more but it\'s the techniques and theory that are more important to get the overall look right whatever colours they choose to paint..

    great work as always sir..now toddle off and paint the Guild o Harmony beastman for fun:beer:

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    that looks freakin awesome, hopefully ill be capeable of this once

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    Amazing... you are a true artist! Always a pleasure to view your stuff~~

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    Great Work, Sebastian... thank you very much for your work with the articles... it is awesome to see how you work!

    I am thinking to translate some of my german articles in english for CMON, but don\'t know where to catch the time for it. This really pushed the idea further... thanks for sharing your other world exerience with us...

    Lovely automaton colours in perfection...


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