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    Hi guys well this is the first of many Smart max miniatures I hope to get painted.
    I am really pleaed with the out come on this one. They are a fantastic range which are very easy to assemble, with very little cleaning upto be done.
    I have put him on ebay tem=140312155839

    I have linked the posted image to ebay but as normal the it has said the auction has ended when it has not!!!

    Hope you like him??

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    VERY nice work.

    Ebay link\'s dead.

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    Did you feature the auction before the picture was approved? That seems to be the biggest issue people have with eBay links.

    Your eBay link is a link to http:\\\\\\ and your picture link is to the cmon page and not the image itself. Checked out the cmon page though and this is a great looking mini. What I really like is the contrast, especially with the light leaves and the candle being the brightest points, it gives a great balance.

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