Meatpie - Ogre figure from Heresy
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Thread: Meatpie - Ogre figure from Heresy

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    Default Meatpie - Ogre figure from Heresy

    Hehe well hello there my old friends. Been a long time since I regularly visited these boards but Ive been more into sculpting the past year or so as some of you know and some of you dont and probably the majority of you dont give a flying monkeys gonads. Anyway I hope to add to this place a bit more again but dont push me or I might crawl back under my rock :D

    Wanted to show you a sculpt I did for a Heresy competition thats now available and hopefully drum up a bit support for Andy and his great range.

    Heresy Link

    Thats Meatpie right there. Not the best of paintjobs by myself but its been a looooong time the old brushes saw the light of day.

    Go take a look anyway ( dont miss the huge dragon wip btw).


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    That is one disturbing miniature, which is pretty much what an ogre should be. Personally I would have prefered a less human less pale skin colour. This guy looks like he hasn\'t been in daylight in weeks.

    The \'treasure trail\' is particularly disturbing.

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