Golden Daemon- is there any point?
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Thread: Golden Daemon- is there any point?

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    Default Golden Daemon- is there any point?

    Hey folks. I\'ve been told by my boss today were going to attend GDUK this year. so my first reaction was \"GREAT! i can enter Golden Daemon\" which was then followed by \"But whats the point i seriously dont expect to win\" So should i enter for the experience or should i stand back and just gather tips from the bigger names?
    Any Daemon entrants from previous years shed some light on the feelings of a first timer?

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    Challenge yourself, that\'s what it is about. A great way to test new techniques and improve and if you don\'t get anything in the end you still have the process and hopefully learnt a thing or two in the end.. and not to forget a miniature to be proud of. I tell you, you don\'t come closer to winning a deamon without entering! ;)

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    My first (and only so far) was a good indication of my skill level. Both my pieces were finalists so I know now with a bit (lot) more practice I should/could be seriously considered for a trophy.

    But then I went to Ravage and didn\'t place in the beginner category so that was that theory out the window lol

    If I were you I would enter, it\'s free (well apart from the entrance fee) to enter models and whats the worst that could happen? You don\'t get a trophy.

    Peace and love...

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    and you can walk around Games Day with that aweful sick feeling in your guts for 4 hours!!

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    I say do both. Enter and collect tips. If you enter, you can get them to actually
    look at your piece and make suggestions based on what your best is at that time.

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    Originally posted by nick232
    and you can walk around Games Day with that aweful sick feeling in your guts for 4 hours!!
    Thats my favorite feeling.. :D

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    If everybody who thought they didn\'t have a chance of winning didn\'t enter then the competition would never change.. Thre is a lot to be learned from entering and seeing your piece next to others first hand.. It allows you to judge for yourself in a way that comparing pictures can never do and really seewhat makes the difference between winning and non winning minis.

    Oh and by the way it dEmon ..... the A is only used when describing daemons in the warhammer and 40K worlds.. we got told that at GD winners day.. apparently the A make the daemon armies more distinct ???????????

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    There is alot more to entering golden demon than just getting a trophy. Part of the whole experience is that you get to socialize with people who take painting as seriously from you. You share a common ground and many of the great painters love to talk about painting and how to improve. Enter the competition so that you can show people what you have entered and have them critique it. Plus ask them how they go about painting their minis. You are lucky to be going to a GD where the worlds best all go to compete. Take your pick of who you would like to learn from and then learn from everyone else after.

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    Surely its just one of those words which can be spelt many ways due to non standardisation...


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    Even winning is fairly pointless, still nice though:D

    Enter, it\'s the best way to gauge your own work. It\'s a great leveller seeing your own minis in a cabinet FULL of superbly painted minis, but its also great looking at what is in there and knowing you could be a contender...

    Do it!

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    Daemon = good or malevolent \"supernatural beings between mortals and gods, such as inferior divinities and ghosts of dead heroes\"

    Demon = a malignant spirit that can seduce, afflict, or possess humans.

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    Definitely enter. Even if nothing you submit gets anywhere you can judge your work alongside pieces that do well (or even just stuff you personally like enough to aspire to, regardless of whether it places) under the same lighting.

    Huge boon, huuuuge, to anyone wanting to improve.


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    i have been to 2 games days the first in 2007 i didnt enter - as soon as i got there i wish i had.
    so i entered last year didnt really aim to win anything (i am realistic) but i simply aimed to paint good solid pieces. did 3 and got finalist with all 3 and they were at the time the best 3 i ever painted really. And the 3 little badges and certificates sit on my desk as a little motivation.
    hell if i had the time i\'d enter every catagory!!

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    Just knowing that something you paint is going into a big competition makes you go that extra mile, whether you\'re aware of it or not. And, as Einion said... seeing your stuff next to, or close enough, to the entries of painters you admire is both \"cool\" and educational. When I entered Ravage Mix Open in 2007, Mike McVey\'s entries were put right next to mine (although everything got moved around later). That alone, made the trip worthwhile!

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    don\'t be a poof! challenge yourself!

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    Originally posted by demonherald
    Oh and by the way it dEmon ..... the A is only used when describing daemons in the warhammer and 40K worlds.. we got told that at GD winners day.. apparently the A make the daemon armies more distinct ???????????
    Verily, doth maketh them more \"arcane\" :P Was an interesting speech, although I seem to have shocked cybersquig with my comparison at lunch :P


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    It\'s definitely a great thing to do to work out where your current standard is, and how close you are to the competition. I entered in three categories - the two I worked most on and was most pleased with at the time didn\'t place - it wasn\'t disappointing to me at all as the quality of what did eventually get the awards were so much better in many ways that whilst I\'m still proud of what I did I clearly see what I needed to do to improve.

    My third entry was my wildcard in the Open, and it was the one I did quickest and simplest yet it got me a finalist\'s pin. Whilst I still see loads of \'issues\' with it, I can see why it at least got looked at, as it was doing something a little bit different (well, I think!), and it\'s this that I really want to work at if I enter this year.

    There are some lucky, lucky souls who seem to be blessed with skills enough to enter all categories and win. I certainly what my limits are as a painter at the moment, and I\'d certainly not enter the singles categories for the time being as I don\'t think I have the patience for it. With so much to work on, I\'m attempting to concentrate on certain areas, with the idea of at least getting another little pin (I don\'t want much ;) ), and if I\'m still enjoying it possibly start to build my confidence in the singles areas.

    We\'ll see - either way, it\'s great fun - I also got a huge buzz from seeing people taking photos of my stuff!

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    Originally posted by freakinacage
    don\'t be a poof! challenge yourself!
    You tell em Timothy!

    Peace and love...

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    Just a question.... how many models make the \"finalist cut\" out of a category?

    I\'d love to go one day, and my goal would be to avoid the first cut if I went, and then build from there.

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    Originally posted by ScottRadom
    Just a question.... how many models make the \"finalist cut\" out of a category?
    I think it\'s entirely a random thing. Depends on how many entries they like really - certainly in the UK GD last year there were a number of categories that had a fair amount of stuff stickered up as finalists. The really nerve-racking thing is when they start taking some of them onto their judging table and scrutinise them more! I remember talking to someone who\'s figure was in the last four and was nervously watching them debate who should get the demons! I have to say it was a very exciting few moments!

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