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    So in an attempt to strive for the ever elusive 8+ on CMON I\'m going to follow the advice of my betters and put up a true WIP here on CMON in the hopes that I get help.

    The CONCEPT is to take the model below and get him to show quality.

    Ideas so far:
    I\'m going to be using real metalicts not NMM. His chest and tabbard are going to emulate the colors Landreth used on his metalics:

    I would like the cloak on his back to emulate leaves in various states of decay.
    Inspired by MiG:

    Finally I want a more realist palette of color as used by Ana:

    Here\'s the model. I\'ve already gone back and cleaned up the mold lines I missed before the photo.

    Suggestions so far? I\'m honestly not sure where to start!?lol

    Any help is welcome!???

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    if you\'re goin\' for a realistic palette like ana\'s, start with the browns...
    get some paint on it to get the ideas flowin\'...
    paint the tree, the bow, and the horns, slap on the flesh basecoat, and see where it takes ya...

    jump in at the deep end...


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    One thing to try, and this isn\'t a joke, is foundation paints for your base colours.

    I.e. Greens\\ Browns and flesh base.

    These give a good strong basecoat to work with colourwise, so your belnding etc etc has a better starting point.

    However in saying that, tring a dark brown wash to accentuate the detail, giving you areas where light and shadow naturally fall is also a good idea, add a little (i.e. a drop!!) Johnsons clear (future floor wax if in USA) to your paint\\pallette this will help the wash flow better and not pool\\ break up on large flat areas.

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