Sigvald the Magnificent (with added tutorial)
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Thread: Sigvald the Magnificent (with added tutorial)

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    Default Sigvald the Magnificent (with added tutorial)

    Hi all, here is my lastest mini that i have painted for myself.
    I have not painted anything for myself for quite a while (too busy with work...painting!). I have always wanted to paint this miniature ever since joe T did his amazing job on the studio one.
    I painted this in nmm with the trademark blink points to make him shine, blonde hair and pale skin offer a nice contrast to the marble floor which i think adds to the glory of slaanesh.

    ]vote link

    ebay link

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    Stunning. I\'ll speak it in hushed tones, but I think yours is the best version of this figure I\'ve seen.

    Really special stuff.

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    Another sterling job Daz, i think you are topping your NMM on each figure, from caradryan to yriel to now this, top notch and stunning as always. Superbly crisp as always too.

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    Really nice job razza. The nmm is some of the most convincing I\'ve ever seen!

    P.S. What is the sheild meant to be reflecting? I\'m wrong, but it looks to me like a humongous daemonette\'s (statue?) loincloth? or is it sigvald\'s lower torso/hips?

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    feck me.....

    got any MASSIVE pics? it just looks too good

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    yup you have bionic eye\'s chief.....

    That shield is truly magificent...... pun intended ... I Like the darker twist to Joe\'s if I\'m being totally honest but still this is top drawer stuff and the blink points get better and better .

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    I just wish I had the cash to buy it..


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    I am watching it just to see how much it eventually goes for.

    And i only just noticed the shield details when looking super close at my screen, so subtle.

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    Excellent work as usual.
    how did you do the Gold?

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    Simply amazing. Watching you and Joe slug it out with remarkable paintjobs is truly inspiring. You guys sure seem to bring out the best in each other.

    The NMM is beautiful, as always, but what really blows me away with this paintjob is the character of the face. You can almost hear him saying \"Damn, I\'m good lookin!\"

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    One of the first Slaaneshi paintjobs I\'ve seen where it seems like the \'pleasure\' aspect comes out in the facial expression (and not in numerous sculpted breasts) lol

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    I realise that with getting the really sweet nmm you do, it's 90% experience to know about placement, but something I meant to ask you at the winners day that I forgot to was how do you paint the glare spots? is it a very small area with a very sharp blend, or don't you bother with the blend?

    cheers matey :) Love seeing your work.

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    Wow, I love the NMM, very very convincing.. completely blown away by the shield, I love it!

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    the picture is broken on the votey link!

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    Blinkity Blink!

    top job fella :)

    @cybersquig, i think Daz just uses skull white and a toothbrush ;)

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    electric or manual? ;)

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    Hi all, i have reposted my figure so can you please vote again i you have already done so. The image was broken and hopefully now it will be ok.

    @ cybersquig-
    fil has got confused...again, he may use a toothbrush with his painting, in fact that is why he is not allowed near brushes anymore and has to pencil push all day.:D

    The hot spots are placed where the tone in the armour changes from light to dark with a small thinned spot of paint, if the white is not strong enough you just add on top of it untill you are happy.

    cheers, Daz

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    Could you please tell me your tech for the gold.

    BTW voted :cool:

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    as always mate, seriously nice work :)
    the shield is the mutts nuts, definately pushing what people tend to do with nmm their.

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