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    Hey Guys´n Girls,

    I had the totaly insane Idea to start a Death Watch Space Marine Army, because I thought that with the new Codex this would be quite easy to do and stay near to the fluff. So here is the first of them...okay.. I finished the face not more: C&C as always welcome!

    (and I think I have to apologise for my bad english...its a little bit rusted I think)

    Regards Gefahr

    Edit: Oookay... looks like I to stupid for posting a pic...can anyone explain it to me please?^^

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    Above the area where you type there are buttons.
    7th from the left is the one to click to enter the web address of the image.
    You need to have the image hosted in order to post.,,, etc.

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    Ok, lets try it again... Thanks for the explanaition Jester!

    ah it works *g* thanks a lot *bow*

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    if the whole army carries on like this, it will be very impressive

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    Missing one key element, the deathwatch shoulder pad :P

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    Yeah thats a problem you know... I don´t have enouh of them.. it started as a fixe idea...and as an well in geman its called \"Reste verwertung\" ehm translated by word it would be use of rests... originaly I wanted to make a Salamanders Army... so I think I have to paint many freehands on the first 40 minis^^ but this shouldn´t be a problem..after the first 10 minis or so :)
    After I sleppt some hours I will work on this guy, and post some pics I think...WITH the freehand on the right shoulder!^^

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    Looking good, can\'t wait to see more!

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    im liking the head where is it from?

    as for the sholder pads why dont u cast some? theres pleanty of tutorials on here showing how to do it and may save u some dough

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    The Head is from the(I have to say it) fantastic WHFB Chaos Barbarian Riders...15 Heads in the box for 5 Minis... I HAD to use them^^

    And for the shoulder pads, casting them would be an Idea, but like I said, these minis are more or less a test( you cann see it for example if you look at how thik the colour is... I think 5 or 6 layers atm :( ) But I´m very pleased with the Idea of an whole Deathwatch Army...I can use nearly the Whole Range of plastik sprues for this army, to get a realy individual force... but that will take a while...but I think i´m getting offtoppic.

    I will try it with the casting idea... but first I´ll have to get some propper sculpting mass I think.

    (And again I have to apologise for my bad english, sorry!)

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