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    Originally posted by Donga
    Well done Sven!

    It looks very very extensive :D
    Thanks! yes.. it is. perhaps too large to know where to begin. But at least the articles should be searchable. I will try to add keywords and more headings.

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    Wowza, one thank you for all that work! I\'m not sure if people realise just how much effort that required...

    So anyway, thanks! Great to see it all collated and laid out.


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    Thanks! :) Yeah it was a lot of work, but you helped a lot by gathering all those threads! Hope it will be useful.

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    approved retailers:
    approved manufacturers:

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    Just came across this review of Rosemary & Co brushes by Stripwalker, it's clear and concise
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    The videos on You tube by Girl Painting are quite informative for new to intermediate painters, if you want to pop a link into the sticky sticky
    (unless of course you've got said link and I missed it)
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    Thanks! I will definitely do a major update to the sticky soon as there are some new interesting threads and links!

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    Sven, do you have the FARP url?
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    Right, here are the links to some Greenstuffing articles I've written for

    Step-by-step guides for sculpting specific details and patterns:

    Will post the links when my new articles on colossal conversions and painting get posted (hopefully in the near future).
    Anyway cheers

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