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    I have a unit of these to paint at the moment but I thought I would start off by painting one of them as a display piece first. All the parts are from the original box set, I have just changed the pose slightly.

    The rider is finished (except for the shield) and I have started work on the horse. The horse still needs to a bit darker in colour I think to contrast more with the rider? The base has been painted but probably needs acouple of darker patches and I still have to add vegetation to it. Anything else need improvement?

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    wow he great. a unit of these would look amazing

    i think the rider could do with a little more shading personally.

    mind sharing how you did the base?

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    Which company is this miniature from? It is the first time I see it. What is its climax? The miniature looks very nice and your painting great. I would also like to know how you made the base.

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    The mini is one of the new chaos mararuders on horseback

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    Lookin\' good. :cool:

    Can\'t wait to see more!

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