\"Open the F*cking canned peaches!\"
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Thread: \"Open the F*cking canned peaches!\"

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    Default \"Open the F*cking canned peaches!\"

    It\'s not been approved yet but I might as well stick it up here.

    This is my submission for my WaMP ladder challenge against Darklord. The theme is \"As seen on TV\" so I did Al Swearengen from HBO\'s Deadwood.

    I really enjoyed doing this one even though I was sure I\'d go blind from painting all those pinstripes.

    HERE\'s the link if any of you hoopleheads fancy moseyin\' on down to vote.

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    SWEDGIN!! :flip::flip:

    Great job, the suit must have taken some patience though. What\'s the mini?


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    Thanks GLBH, the mini is from Artizan but it looks like I forgot to change the manufacturer from GW. I\'m not even sure if they have an Artizan option or not...

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    Awesome. I was so disapointed when that show was cancelled.

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    Those pinstripes are crazy! :o The whole scene is kick-ass. I\'ve got no clue as to whether he looks like the character in question, having never seen the series, but he really reminds me of Kevin Klein in Fierce Creatures. Which is cool.

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    Just in case you don\'t know here\'s a picture of the man in question

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    Feck, it\'s LoveJoylol
    Nice painting, but You\'re balloon dancing is still betterlol

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    Wrong Dave. That was Orky dave who did the balloon dance. Anyway, I like this scene and have decided it\'s in no way a small part due to the fact I\'m part of it. :D

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    Arrggghhh! Pinstripes!

    Well done though, good stuff!

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