Plastic Valkyrie - Smoke me a kipper, I\'ll be back for breakfast.
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Thread: Plastic Valkyrie - Smoke me a kipper, I\'ll be back for breakfast.

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    Default Plastic Valkyrie - Smoke me a kipper, I\'ll be back for breakfast.

    It\'s finished! Horay! I bought it last Monday night and started assembling on Tuesday night and I finished on this bank holiday Monday just under a week later. (:

    I\'m really happy with the outcome, and must have spent 40+ hours on this, it\'s completely kept me occupied and I\'ve enjoyed every minute. Quite a challenging piece to paint, harder then the Trygon.

    I didn\'t decide how to do the base until this morning, I just didn\'t know what to do and then it hit me... landing pad! I used foamcore to do a raised step and used textured plasticard. The lights and barrier are from cities of death, the brass icon, is form the brass icons in the GW basing kit. The 51 and the yellow line makes the perimeter of the landing pad. Obviously I was never going to fit a whole landing pad on the base, so I decided to just do the edge, to represent the Valk coming into land. The number 51 just felt right and conjures up images of alien conspiracies.

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    I like it, but I think the rust-stains could do with a bit darker brown stains around rivets and in crakcs and so on.

    And YAY for Ace Rimmer :)

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    If you were going to put Ace Rimmer on the side you really should have put a head with some nice long flowing hair on it for the pilot. I think that would have made this model.

    Besides that small nit-pick this looks rather great. I love the base, great concept.

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    lol smakibbfb is my welcome note on my phone (unless my house-mate has changed it to \'i love penis and have rimjaw\'!)

    aaaaaaaanyway, ncie work. i want to finish mine off noe

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    Very, very nice. I like the paint scheme, the weathing (especially around the engine fans), and the base really sets it apart. Great job all around.

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    Very nice. The edges of the engine fan blades need to be lighter as irl they fade very quickly and can be pitted.

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