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    Hi guys,

    I need a bit of help...I\'ve been taking pics of my minis using white printer paper as a background but the end result is crap at best. I\'ve seen a lot of pics with a blue background and that looks awsome.

    Any suggestions?

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    Print >>this<< with a regular inkjet printer. That\'s what I use. You can find a few more gradients >>here<<. Or just create your own gradient with Photoshop or a similar program and print it out.

    Alternatively you could also use the pictures you have, cut out the miniature and insert the background with Photoshop - there are some good tutorials for that out there. But in my opinion this often looks artificial so I definitely prefer the \"print-out and use as background\" method.

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    Also, if you\'ve got access to powerpoint, make a filled box, stretch it to fill the sheet, and then edit the color. You can then set the color to be gradient, and throw in whatever two colors your heart desires. I\'ve got a red, a blue, a black, a green, and then a couple of solid ones as well.

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    Alternatively, if you work with a \"poor man\" setup like I do and are too lazy to photoshop, something that works very well indeed is a sweep of black construction paper. Look at my gallery--that\'s what I\'ve got behind all but my most recent post and my Warhound WIP, and none of those photos were modified in any way. It works much better than white because it reflects very little light into the lens.

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    thanks for the info guys...much apreciated :)

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