Updated! New Pics: Space Marine vs Orc Warboss Duel - GD Baltimore 09
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Thread: Updated! New Pics: Space Marine vs Orc Warboss Duel - GD Baltimore 09

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    Default Updated! New Pics: Space Marine vs Orc Warboss Duel - GD Baltimore 09

    This is my entry for this year\'s Games Day in Baltimore and my first demon.

    I\'m amazingly stoked to have taken the bronze demon in diorama but there is so much I need to figure out and experiment with. \'08 was fun and there were some great minis to marvel over. However, this year there was simply a TON of amazing stuff. Very humbling.

    As I mentioned in the comments for the pic, I\'ll try and get some close-ups done in the next day or two. For the time being, here is a shot that shows the bulk of the action.

    Voting link, if you want...

    Here\'s a better shot of the marine. With voting link...

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    Cool. I love the blood coming from the exit wound :) Love the use of the old miniatures too. Congrats!

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    looks good but close ups and different angles would be nice

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    Only thing is that usually space marine bolts explode inside the target.. But he is probably using super sonic shells :p Still, an amazing paint job! You should write an article on how you made the bullet come out of the sqiugs head! :D

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    Very nice, The exit wound effect on the squig is really cool. Some more angles would be nice !! :)

    My only criticism would be that the SM looks a bit static considering he\'s fending off a squig attack !

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    This is very cool- I think the angle gives it a dynamic feel. Congrats on the Demon.

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    nice work and congrats on the award.

    would love to see bigger individual shots of the models :)

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    Still have a couple more shots that need cropping before posting. There\'s a new one in the original post that shows the Space Marine much, much better.

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    This is great painting! I love the concept and all of the little details you\'ve added. It\'s cool how the Space Marine is missing his left shoulder pad. I sense you\'ll be picking up a gold award if you continue painting to this level. Great stuff!

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    Great work. I was really happy GW brought back the diorama category this year, and there were several good entries.

    The exit wound is definately cool. What did you use to do the splatter effect? I love the choice of minis as well, both are all time greats with a lot of character and you did a great job with them. I especially like the new pic as it shows off the space marine really well.

    I\'d have to agree with frenchkid though as far as the terminator\'s pose. What\'s weird to me is the way he\'s leaning back, it looks like he\'s been caught of guard and pushed back. I\'d rather see him vertical to maybe a slight lean forward so he seems more powerful (maybe just because I\'m rooting for him).

    Great job though overall, excellent work. Congrats on your demon,


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    Hey, thanks for the comments gang.

    The SM pose was really tough. If I had it to do all over again, I think I would have switched them around and lowered the orc down. Maybe as much as a half inch. The size disparity between the two of them really took me by surprise.

    The squig-death was actually really easy. I took my dremel tool to his back and hollowed him out pretty much randomly. Then I took some green stuff and twisted it to be bulging guts. A little more green stuff made flaps of torn skin when pressed flat around the hole. Lastly, I dripped super glue down some fishing line to make the flying blood drops. I cut them to different lengths and superglued 3 or 4 of them into the hole.

    For paint, I based all the innards in a yucky green and bright yellow. It ended up being a waste of time as the blood covered it more completely than I thought. The blood is a bunch of layers of Tamiya Clear Red. Some black was mixed in on the first coats. Then I did lots of layers of straight red.

    I was worried about that part. Turned out to be easy though. Probably less than an hour all told. Not including drying times for the super glue and green stuff.

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    Well done and congrats amigo!

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