Space Wolf Finished (and 3000 posts !!)
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Thread: Space Wolf Finished (and 3000 posts !!)

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    Default Space Wolf Finished (and 3000 posts !!)

    Wooooo finaly reached 3000 posts on CMON !! (ok not sure that\'s a good thing :P).

    And to celebrate you are going to be treated with something that is not often seen, a finished mini by me !!

    School\'s been out for a week and I\'m starting a one year internship in July, in the mean time I have nothing much to do ( a part from finding an appartement in Paris.... not an easy task), which means I\'ve had time to paint !!

    Finishing this Bust wasn\'t easy, but seeing as he\'s been lying around for the past two years, though I should make an effort. The next mini will be smaller :P

    Hope you like him, comments and criticisme welcomed as always !!

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    Nice one Arthur :)!

    The face and bones are what works best for me. I think the metals could use a bit more contrast though.

    Do you have a pic of the back?

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    excellent job, the blends are smooth especially on the face. I do agree the metals need more contrast, but that aside its a beautiful piece.

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    hes taken you long enough!

    nice work. now more!

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    Very nice piece indeed... noiw swing your brush over to something relaxing ;)


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