Umran Kal - Rackham 32mm (finished)
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Thread: Umran Kal - Rackham 32mm (finished)

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    Default Umran Kal - Rackham 32mm (finished)

    Finally I managed to finish and base the model.

    Metals are all NMM and this is my very first attempt at basing...
    I\'m pretty satisfied but I made tons of errors. Luckly a deep jungle environment let\'s you fix errors quite easily, but I will know what NOT to do on my second base.
    I wanted him on top of some really ancient and jungle eaten ruins.


    Bronze NMM tutorial here:

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    lovely, will look impressive when the rider is on too

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    thank you mate. after many years of no painting, this is a good way for me to \"rememeber\" and improve, a good benchmark since the mini is really complex with many many different particular to paint.
    As soon as the rider is up (wich is a nice model himself) I\'ll update... I also would like to do a mini diorama base (7cm x 7cm) with jungle/ruins environment... but I\'m a real noob at dioramas... it will be a way to test and learn in this as well.

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    Really nice, amazing job if you haven\'t painted in a while. Guess you didn\'t loose you edge :P
    Looking foward to the rest !!

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    If you ask me you still knows how to paint a nice mini :D

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    Thak you both mates!
    This really incourages me to keep painting and most of all keep improving and experiencing new colors and techniques, going on from where i left.
    This time I have the feeling I will not drop after 2-3 models as usual... I really enjoy and want to paint more and more and discover basing as well :)

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    That will be a great mini when it is completely finished. The NMM looks awesome.

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    Thx aliengod3 I saw your models and is really a great comment said from you.
    The orc is halfway finished. I had some doubts on the main big shoulder (chekered or bronze) but finally I opted for full NMM Bronze since this is the \"main theme\" for the whole model and my first attempt at NMM bronze so I still wanted to experiment with it.
    I will checker the lower shoulder to fit with the mount.

    The fun part will be the basing diorama wich I\'m new to, so I can\'t wait to do it.

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    thats brillaint, and your tutorial is excellent.your english is also better than mine and ive lived in the uk all my life:)

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    This is a WIP of the rider. Sorry for the bad shots...

    Mettalics are as always NMM.

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    gr8 NMM, i can never get that right ( even tho i only tried it 3 times:P)

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    The orc is coming along very well! NMM looks great as does the cloth :)

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    hurry up and finish it, i want to see it finished :D

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    LOooollz! Me too!!!
    Thanks for the comments. Gonna work on it in those days. I just miss the severed heads tied to the belt (talking about severed heads tied to a belt like if it is a normal thing to speak about.. lol) and the main blade. Then go for basing and this will be the hardest part (but funniest) for me.

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    It\'s almost done. This thread has become a WIP one I know.. but I\'m posting just in case someone needs some infos on color scheme or something else.

    I choose to repeat to GW orchish checker pattern here and then give the sword a NMM look the same. Like \"consumed\" chekers pattern painted on iron.
    I didn\'t want the sword to be flat NMM because there is already a lot of it in the model and wanted to keep consistency with the feel of the mount (this is achieved mainly with checker pattern and big NMM bronze shoulder)

    Next one will be te finished model I swear! [;)]

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    Ok the model is finished! I don\'t post it as an entry yet since the base (mini-diorama) is missing... but I post here the pictures of the finished model in the meawhile.
    I took the photoshots.. they are a bit crap (overshaded or with too much light on some points and colors are overall under saturated) but when the base is done I have a pro photographer (a friend) wich told me he will be happy to help.
    Anyway I took many shots so you can have a better view.

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    Ooh, he\'s lovely, nice job. I think the fading checks on the weapon are my favourite parts. Looking forward to seeing it mounted.
    :) B.

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    10 from me. They mesh well together. Can\'t wait to see the base.

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    Very, very cool. Can\'t wait for it to be completely done. Mind sharing your plans for the base?

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    Thank you all mates for the encouragement. A 10 from you alien is a 11 for me so big thanks again..

    About the base.. I contacted a guy who builds frames for pictures and let him build a very small frame with an old wood with golden patterns. The frame it\'s wonderful and is empty inside so I will build there a mini diorama.
    The set will be a classic \"temple ruins in the jungle\" wich should fit well with the rhino and the overall look of the model.

    The problem is that this will be my first real diorama (I made a really crap one some 7-8 years ago). I will try do do my best btw.. since I\'m very critic with myself I will trash it until it comes out at least acceptable with the model on it.

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