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Thread: Umran Kal - Rackham 32mm (finished)

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    really sick mini man 10 from me great job :)

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    Very very good work!!!
    Pure fantasy at 100%, congratulation! :beer:

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    First post updated with finished model and base.

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    looks pretty sweet mate :)

    the bronze needs more contrast though, at the moment without the glare spots it looks too similar to your leathers.

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    thank you mate. I thought you would appreciate all the foliage since you are working on trees lately :)

    About the bronze I don\'t know why but in those latetes pictures it looks really worse than seen in real life. On the old WIP pictures it came out very close to how is looking live. Maybe because it\'s slightly \"shiny\" (i used inks and wanted to have all NMM a bit shiny) and direct light should somehow mess up the real effect when taking shots.

    Maybe because I focused the shots more on the base and less on the model.. my previous pics with teh model alone are somehow closer to the original (just a bit darker)

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    how did you do the base its one of the best ive seen this year

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    Thank you mate! it\'s really encouraging for me since it\'s my first one really.
    I took WIP shoots of the base, I\'ll try to post a \"tutorial\" asap. I don\'t know if the word \"tutorial\" is appropriate since I made every kind of mistake a man can make when basing, but likely I managed to fix them.
    Maybe I can write a tutorial on how NOT to make bases now! :)

    Anyway,,, fast tips on it.
    - I asked a guy who makes frames for paintings to make me a very small frame (12cm. x 7cm. if I\'m not mistaken), closed with a thin wood since I had to build things inside it.
    - I purchased some bases at Scibor Miniatures (the face and the \"grave\" ruins) that I wanted to socket in my ruins/foliage/vines/moss
    - I spent hours (not joking since was my first time attemping such a thing) thinking what to build, how and where to put the model.
    - I started with very simple ruins built with cork and DAS don\'t know the english for this but is very common use. I managed to socket somehow the face and other Scibor bits in it.
    NOTE: the model is still on his original game base and you can remove from the diorama to play with it (do it when I\'m not watching).
    - I then used sand + some kind of tiny, hairy, synthetic grass for train modelers, mixed 50/50 and glued around to behave like heavy moss.
    - I made jungle vines with small roots of real plants, adding small iron wire twisted around and classic wire you use to apply patches to a cloth (how you call it?).
    - For the foliage I used laser cut foliage from Kamizukuri and painted and glued them (oredered in Japan).

    This is the thing I enojed most, more than painting the model, doing the base. I want to rebase all my best models now! :)

    EDIT: I made a little WIP patchwork for you in the meanwhile (click to enlarge)

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    were did you get the vegitation from it looks real :)

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    I bought the foliage in japan from a Kamizukuri retailer:

    Then I painted them adding some gloss medium to make the foliage look shiny.

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    very weel done mate i think i will have to try and get my hands on some ive got a vietnam dio comeing up and i could use some of that veg in it thanks :)

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    I\'m glad you posted the WIPS for the base. I had no idea there was even a statue or other pieces of architecture on there. IMO there is way too much foliage - one of the WIP shots, shows the base with a small amount of plantlife and this is where I think you should have stopped :D

    The whole piece is very nicely painted - the black lining is a little harsh - but that\'s to my eyes ;) Grats on a lovely job and thanks for the progress shots on the thread. Very useful :D

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    Thank you toshi your comments are welcome.

    About the base, yes in the picture shots you have the feeling is overcrowded with foliages, but watching the model in real 3d I can assure you have the real feeling of jungle and the model stands out very well above all the green.
    I had the doubt of putting less foliage too, but now I\'m pretty satisfied with it.

    About the outlining, yes... it\'s a bit too harsh on some points.

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