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Thread: whots the theme or scheme to your armys? and why

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    I have a theme I want to do when I can get enough spare cash to buy a Space Marine megaforce and a couple of IG box armies- one Cadian and one of the Catachans to mix and match for specialty troops.
    They are from a tropical planet called Inundus Gamma that is covered entirely with a shallow sea. The plant has vast fish and kelp resources that are cultivated by the inhabitants.
    The IG from Inundus use the same digital camo pattern as the US Navy and the armor on their ST and Vets matches the
    The marines (Aquamarines) main color scheme is an aqua blue/green with alternating deep blue and white shoulder, elbow and knee pads and a golden yellow for the trim.
    My idea is to sculpt swim fins on the Aquamarines boots, and tropical fish style fins on their helmets and fore arms. The Inundus IG regiments will have swim fins and SCUBA tanks on their backpackss (except for a few that I may depict as coming out of water on beach style bases, they will have their fins on), the SM scouts and the IG vets will have smaller rebreathers with their packs loaded up like Navy SEALs and the ST's will be drop troops with rebreathers.
    The Aquamarines temple fortress is entirely contained in a giant living coral formation, while the Inundus IG units are more of a planetary naval guard that specializes in sea and air combat and operate in WWII style seaborn transport air craft carrier battle groups- they are also good at ship to ship space combat. I have a few ideas to convert their armored vehicles over to amphibious versions (have been looking at a lot of the Higgins designs from WWII, want to find models so I can kitbash them to a decent level of realism) and converting the marine bikes to jet bikes or Sea-dos. I was thinking about some kind of light jet skis for the IG rough riders... but where in the heck do I find 28mm scale jet skis, ya know?

    As to "Why?'.... I just thought is would be pretty.
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    I'm currently working on a Night Lords army. Want to focus on the theme of the Nostraman/Terran split that was beginning to appear in the legion prior to the heresy. Not too sure how i'm going to represent the animosity to be honest but sure i'll come up with something. As far a reason goes, its just because I'm a big Kurze fan and it seems that they are not the most popular Legion and the few efforts I have seen just seem to be filled with raptors and massive bat wings on helmets and I dont really agree with that look so thought i'd 'Improve' on it.
    My Eldar force are themed around Rogues outfit in the x-men cartoon Lots of green and yellow

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    Quote Originally Posted by secretpaintgeek View Post
    My Eldar force are themed around Rogues outfit in the x-men cartoon Lots of green and yellow
    And just as skin tight, right?

    I'm working on voodoo steampunk necrons. Lots of malifaux bits and gears. Have a nice paint theme: boltgun metal with sepia washes! Paint the shoulders red, throw on some green weathering pigment, and the job is good.
    I'm also slowly coming up with ideas for my cordyceps tyranids. Because nature is horrifying.

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    Unpainted mainly - cos I'm lazy.

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    White scars atm

    Always liked them. Time consuming to paint though

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    Similar to SillyFace, my IG drew inspiration from WW2 Germany as the totalitarian, fascist governance seemed to fit the 40k grimdark setting. I went with a dark grey (panzer grey- early war) since it is suitably bleak and sombre. Hard armor on troops is similar, with dunkelbraun and khaki cloth. The vehicles get white aquillas, skulls, etc. to break up the monotony. I used nonstandard vehicles (converted M1A1 halftracks), to reinforce the look. Window glass is deep red and matches the lenses on infantry goggles. Veterans wear heavier armor, fully enclosed helmets/masks, and greatcoats, while line infantry get standard issue uniforms and goggles/masks.

    For my space wolves, they are in a cool grey, but I wanted to avoid the pastel blur that the codex wolves have. Shoulder pads are the yellow and black ones ala Ragnar's company simply because they look very traditional (the old codex used that pattern). Colors are limited to grey, red, yellow and white on longfangs. The metallics tend to be boltgun or brass with leaders getting silver or gold ornamentation. Vehicles follow the same basic scheme. No real theme other than space vikings.

    My Chaos has a heavy Slaanesh lean. Most are pre-heresy gold an "warlock" purple with white icons/embellishments. Several rhinos and a predator match this scheme. I do have a squad with a split black pink scheme, though. The oblits kept the traditional black and bronze/gold ala the black legion as did the non NM dread. Some plague marines dropped in for 5th and got a grey green and orange brown scheme heavy on the weathering. Originally the theme was an EC group who saw the Emperor (and Fulgrim) as a failure. Created by a former Phoenix Guard captain, their goal was to embrace the opportunity that Slaanesh offered to perfect humanity and transcend mortal limitation. They looked down on other EC who had become snarled in petty vices and self indulgence and were missing the big picture. To that end, they saw themselves as continuing the original legion mission. They were protective on civilians (as they represent the bulk of humanity) and encouraged them to worship the beauty of Slaanesh and better themselves so as to become closer to perfection. Other marine chapters were viewed as amusing children at best and retrograde weakness at worse. Xenos were viewed as a threat to humanity, though they did admire the Eldar to some degree (and had nothing but contempt for the Ork). The Tau had good aspirations, but their genetic weakness and frailty left them fit for little more than annihilation or servitude. Indeed, they took a very Darwinian view that all inferior species were to serve mankind or be eradicated.

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    I'm actually working on a Thousand Sons themed Army. I've always loved the lore behind them and after some of the latest HH books I've really gotten my passion for painting back.
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    Made my own theme, purplish and gold, with green eyes/light, because it looks nice imho () and it fits into my space hulk ideas.

    Though, I realize I have enough minis for a full company by now, its probarly a lifetime worth of painting left.. :P Been saving figures since the 80's, and probarly only painted 40 or so..

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