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    well its been over a month since i worked on this. i have worked with the water effecgts. however i have found that the water effects look a bit yellow after i have used them. how do i combat this problem

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    use a different brand

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    Originally posted by freakinacage
    use a different brand
    im using woodland scenics...but i am using it in a pan thats darker colored so i figured that might be it. i was thinking of using an aluminum pie plate that i saw on the directions. but i had two old pans i didnt care if they got used up. so i dont know. any other ideas.

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    Wouldn\'t it be a lot easier to use an Extra-Large Slurpee domed lid from 7-Eleven? Take a couple of them, and with some cutting and careful placement, you could have a full dome with minimal visible glue.

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    it\'s probably the sunlight thats yellowing it

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    Great work, rich of atmosphere! :beer:

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