Anyone going to Download Festival this year?
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Thread: Anyone going to Download Festival this year?

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    Default Anyone going to Download Festival this year?

    Any of you guys going to Download festival this year? The line up looks awsome :D

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    I live down in Dorset with the cider and the combine harvesters yaargh!
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    i\'ll be there in a non pg13 state lol more like R rated as anyone who has ever seen me in the pub or has spoken to me knows

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    I\'m tempted, but have no-one to go with... :(

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    i was planning to but i dont think its a good idea since i broke my leg about 2 month ago

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    Probably not the best idea with a broken leg :)

    also, if your planning on going and havent got a ticket yet then your gonna be paying more than double ticket price...a mate of mine didnt get his ticket (including camping) on time and ended up shelling out £320 for one off ebay.

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    I would go for Parkway Drive Suicide Silence and a few others if I could. I however am going to the Rockstar Mayhem festival. Anyone going to that?

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    @Necroghast, I may be going, haven\'t decided yet, since the only band I\'d actually like to see is Behemoth.

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    Yeah I\'m oing for Behemoth mainly aswell. (Though Slayer should be pretty awesome) You\'ll probably go to the one in Boston though, I\'m going to Hartford.

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    I\'m back in CT for the summer so I\'ll be going to the one in Hartford if I do end up going.

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