from black to white.. need some help.
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Thread: from black to white.. need some help.

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    Default from black to white.. need some help.

    Howdy everyone, first time poster here, been lurkin the website for a about a year now and figured I might as well start asking some questions:P Anyways, I have 10 Krieg death riders staring me in the face right now, and to be honest im pretty scared to paint them. The rest of my scheme is a pretty dark one, with an ink\'d adeptus battlegrey as my coat and lots of browns for back packs, boots etc. I\'d like to make the death riders the stand out unit in my army with some white horses, but My first attempt was terrible. I tried to build up from black with adeptus, astronomican, and then white but it just turned out bad. I have a pretty steady hand, and I think I just dont know the right technique to get were i want. anyone have some tips to get to white from a black undercoat? thanks for reading

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    Many, many thin coats are the order of the day. What may help is using a foundation white (vallejo do one) for better coverage. Bring the horse up to very close to white before shading it back down gently rather than attempt to use the black base to shade. You\'ll get a cleaner result.

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    Thanks for the quick reply!

    That makes a lot of sense. I guess my next question would be about the muscles throughout the horse. would u gradually build up the whole model, then give the recesses a dark wash, or would you leave them black and paint around them?

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    Though it sounds like it\'s too late for this, what would have really helped is if you primed them in white and not black. Even priming in grey would be better then black.

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    One thing i like to do for painting black to white, is start with a black spray prime(really light, but cover everything alteast) then dust the model with a white primer.
    Dusting is where you hold the model very very far away, and then spray your white and as you spray kinda flick the can upwards or away. This way it creates like a mist of white spray, that just BARELY hits the model. (takes practice to get this right) But then you just highlight the lighter areas with white, then use a grey or midtone colour to blend into the black, and then shade even more by using a black.

    Hope that helps?


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    I will admit that my blending is sub par at best. Most if my army is line highlighted. It looks pretty decent, but blending is something that I\'ve been working on lately. I think im gonna take one in to my local GW, there is a pretty good painter there and im gonna ask for some help on wet blending. Thanks for the idea about the white primer, that sounds like it will make starting a bit easier.

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    Originally posted by winterdyne
    What may help is using a foundation white (vallejo do one) for better coverage.
    Vallejo Foundation White is a Brush on Primer not a paint.
    If you\'ve already primed Black I\'d suggest using GW\'s Foundation Dehneb Stone which is a reasonable off white and covers black well. Roughly 2-3 thinned oats should give you a smooth coverage over which to work the highlights back up to Near White.

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