Does the perfect photo exist?
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Thread: Does the perfect photo exist?

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    Default Does the perfect photo exist?

    Does anyone ever get a perfect shot of their work?
    One of my biggest frustrations with posting my work is the shooting of it. I can usually get it close to what it actually is, and on a very rare occasion I can hit a bulls eye. It\'s really discouraging. I have a good camera, have tried endless lighting setup\'s and can use Photoshop fairly well. It just seems that things usually drop down a notch in the photo stage........:(

    Anyone else?

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    Exactly the same :(

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    Yeah, i struggle to turn out nice photos, but can\'t decide if it is bad photography or just badly painted minis!


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    The only perfect photo\'s I see are the ones in those magazines that come in bags or wrappers that they keep behind the counter at the convenience store.

    As far as mini photography goes... it\'s a tough racket. It seems that even the best pic\'s show off the flaws so much more then IRL, but when something is blown up so large it\'s gonna happen.

    I wish it was easier, but if you check out the thread from GD coverage and people talking about the diffence in quality IRL and in the pictures it\'s pretty safe I think to say that the answer is \"No picture will ever really be an accurate 100% likeness\".

    I think the photgrapher Dirty Steve said he had a degree in photgraphy and defo uses good equipment. I even saw him work his stuff at a tourny in Calgary in \'02 and he was doing stuff with lighting and that to get the best results. If he can\'t do it, I can\'t imagine it\'s good news for those of us with lesser training, experience, and equipement.

    Damn, that sounded pessimistic.

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    If the perfect photograph exists, it certainly won\'t ever appear in my gallery. I can\'t even take a good picture of a building in broad daylight.

    I\'m rapidly coming to the conclusion that I\'ll have to hire someone to take presentable pictures of my minis.

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    if it does, it aint one of mine!

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    Part of the issue though is you are representing a 3 dimensional medium that is painted to look good in all three dimensions - in a flat 2d rendering.

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    It happens on occasion that I end up with a really nice photo of the mini I\'ve just finished. It usually takes an hour or so of shooting, adjusting light, trying different colored backgrounds--I never shoot on a pure white background as the light reflects back onto the mini.

    The only thing I use photoshop-like programs for is cropping the photo and resizing it. Otherwise, I want the mini to appear as natural as possible.

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    Originally posted by freakinacage
    if it does, it aint one of mine!
    Yep my Mini-Photo-Fu, seems to have gone Fooey.

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    Seems like my best shots come out when it\'s foggy or overcast here. Sometimes the simple easy way works!

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    The hobby was never stressful for me but the introduction of photography has made it so.. I resign myself to the fact I\'ll eventually get good photos but that also the way I paint isn\'t very good for photos. one day maybe but not now..
    I\'d muchrather the way it is now where my customers are pleasantly surprised getting a mini in hand after seeing the pics than be dissappoined when they get it ater seeing amazing pics.

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    Originally posted by Shawn R. L.
    Seems like my best shots come out when it\'s foggy or overcast here. Sometimes the simple easy way works!
    Diffuse light FTW. Not that I shoot that way, I use a single GE Reveal daylight bulb in a table lamp, positioned right above my camera. Not optimal but when your \"studio\" is the kitchen table at a time when the GF isn\'t using it for something else, you have to economize.

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    Even if you took the perfect photo, it would look wrong on my monitor.

    Unless you\'ve calibrated your monitor with a set of standard color cards, then what you are seeing may be different from what I am seeing.

    I notice this when I go from work to home (or vice versa). Similar monitors, but they do not show the same pics exactly the same.

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