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Thread: How many miniatures have you voted on?

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    37882 votes, 180 comments.

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    i\'ve probably voted on 100 or so...
    something really has to move me for me to cast a vote, \'cause i think the system is fooked...
    i always comment when i vote, and sometimes i just don\'t have the heart to be harsh, so i only vote on the minis i find exceptional...


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    Originally posted by reverend
    Poor, very poor! Dear me Hestan, buck your ideas up lad!
    mistype, i meant 539

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    Originally posted by jahminis
    ...\'cause i think the system is fooked...
    The less people actually votes here the more fooked the system gets. So get voting! The more people that votes the less the dodgy votes will count.

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    17343 votes for me

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    545 votes for me.

    Even though I\'ve belonged for a long time I only have really become active in the last week.

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    About 1,400 votes here. Trying to take 15 minutes a day for this over lunch. I\'ve also made an effort over the past 2 months to vote on everything submitted - generally clicking \"next\" until I start getting a long string of minis from \'02-\'05.

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    161 which is way more than I thought

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    @ritual: you\'re right, i should vote more...

    my problem is not with the way the vote\'s averages work out, it\'s more about how people seem to take advantage of the system to get a higher rank...
    for example, when people have a bunch of average minis, and 1 great mini in their gallery, that is posted 4 times (as different angles instead of making a collage), and climb high in the ranking on the strength of 1 mini...

    the other thing is, i feel bad if i give someone a score of less than 7...
    so, if a mini deserves less than 7, i don\'t vote on it...
    that\'s just something i have to get over, but i feel bad pointing out what\'s wrong with a mini, knowin\' how much hard work goes into even a mediocre paintjob...


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    Not enough, I don\'t think. I intend to spend more time while Im supposed to be working to go through the gallery a bit more!

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    Votes = 28488
    Comments = 120

    Meybe I should get some more work done at work?:D

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    Originally posted by Sukigod
    Votes = 28488
    Comments = 120

    Meybe I should get some more work done at work?:D
    now why would you want to do that.


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    2422 votes with 19 comments. Not too shabby. Every once in a while, I feel guilty about not voting, then do a bit over several days.

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    80.501 votes

    I dont know if I should feel proud or shameful ???

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    I have no idea where my votes are tallied up.

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    Joe, it\'s in the upper left corner of the voting page.

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