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    Default BPI WIP

    Hello all, after lurking around CMON & the Oz Painters sites for a few months I thought I ought to actually sign up & join in. I\'ve really enjoyed the quality of work on display & the friendly atmosphere (some forums on other subjects that I used to read have become so nasty of late that I lost interest, I win though as I ended up here!).

    I filled in 25 Years on the little sign up box for how long I\'ve been painting but would like to qualify it with a \"painted my first figure roughly 25 years ago\" after a magical (in a wide-eyed child kinda way) visit to Games Workshop in Manchester\'s Arndale Centre with my Dad. Globbed Humbrol Enamel over some figures but really got to grips with it all with the release of the GW red box starter paint set (some of which I\'m still using).

    For many years the paints just came out for a couple of months before being packed away again. In 2007 I bought a box of plastic Beastmen from GW & ploughed through to getting them 80% done before life tripped me over again. Winter 2008 I began again & am still going, hurrah! So I have a gang of human plastics on the go at the moment that will be used in a weekly D&D game that\'s been running with a core group for over a decade now.

    I\'ll find out how my painting is perceived by others once I actually finish something & get it into the gallery but I\'d describe it as Army standard +1. I\'d like it to be better given the numbers of hours I spend noodling around but I think I spend more time daydreaming about the characters than actually applying pigment!

    Anyhow, in theory I can post my first ever picture on the internet now, let\'s see if it works. These are the guys on my WIP bench, GW plastic Empire & Breton standard box sprues, GW paint. Mix of black or white undercoat & numerous approaches as I play with different ideas (mostly inspired by you lot!).

    Cheers all, BPI.

    PS I only have limited internet access so replies to comments/queries/etc may be a tad slow.

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    It worked! Hurrah!
    I appear to have a cartoon of a granny next to my name but I can live with that.
    Thank you in advance for your responses.

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    WELCOME!! you wont be dissapointed here, its one of the best forums on the web. the warriors of the dead, look good, very spectral and i see you paint on corks, me too

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    I hadn\'t realised posting would be so easy so here\'s a follow up...
    A new character due to crop up in our game is a Cleric Of Heironeous (lawful good, honor/valor/etc, dedicated weapon longsword) so this chap got some attention. Not my first freehand ever but the flowers on the back of a chaos dwarf sorcerer\'s cloak were done a loooong time ago! I\'d have rather painted the word Honour but that extra letter wasn\'t going to fit. I tried the lightning bolt on a scrap of paper a couple of times & it was fine, getting it onto the figure took just a little longer! The head is about done, as is the green cloth hanging from his belt, everywhere else needs more attention. Thanks for looking, BPI.

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    First of all, welcome to the Forum !! It\'s a great place to learn !!

    And something tells me you\'re going to be learning really fast. You\'re technique seems to be really nice, the face on your minis look great and your skin tons are overall very well done.
    The rest of the areas look a bit flat though, so I\'d sugest you try contrasting your areas a lot. Looking foward to seeing the rest !! :)

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    Hi, thank you for the words of welcome.

    It\'s funny Hestan that you should comment on the LoTR Army Of The Dead chaps as I\'d forgotten they were at the bottom of the montage. I was getting frustrated with my slow progress with the soldiers so challenged myself to get these 3 done in a weekend: grey basecoat, thrashed on beige drybrush, green wash, beige face touchup, silver & yellow detail, brown the base & flock. On Monday evening I was wondering about silvering the speartips & other little details but decided NO, they\'ll do, move on to the next thing (they will receive a coat of varnish at some point however). It was satisfying however & I agree that the default GW colour scheme does look nicely spectral. My intention was to do one sprue in this scheme & the other in a more traditional (& time consuming) zombie style. I think that on the next ghostly ones I\'ll use different shades of grey on the basecoat though to better differentiate the different items of clothing.

    I spent a little time on the Cleric of Hieroneous last night, green cowl received some attention but I\'m still finding the foundation paints harder to use than normal colour so am not sure it\'s working so moved on to the flame on the torch. That\'s coming on okay & hopefully over the weekend some significant progress can be made.

    Frenchkid, thank you for the compliment, do you think the flatness is there on the green of the archer or the cleric\'s loincloth? As I was thinking of that as done. Hopefully future shots as I near completion will give me a better idea through feedback as to which areas actually aren\'t. Blimey, I\'ve tried to rephrase that & it just sounds worse, hope you get the gist!
    Oh, you also mention speed of progress, I must say a thank you to everyone here & on the Oz Painters forums, reading through all of the comments over the last few months has been inspirational. I\'m not too embarrassed to admit that these are some of the new things I do: pin feet for cork holder or blutak to paint pot, fantastic, wish it had occurred to me 20 years ago. Clean water after using metallics. Homemade wet pallet. Increase contrast. Use other colours for shading/highlighting than the next shade along in the GW range. Stop painting faces last & \"spoiling\" a figure much effort has gone into. Try black & grey undercoats for different effects. Daylight lamp. Probably more but you get the idea. I\'ll post some of my older figures for comparison at some point (if I dare!). You know when you get a new brush & after a couple of strokes think, heavens I should have relegated the old one months ago, each of the things above has given me a similar sensation. Most satisfying.

    Just to show another example of what I do here is a squig that made it to my standard 80% completed. Purchased, like the Army Of The Dead, with the idea that I would complete a figure quickly! My first uses of both slate & static grass on a base & I\'m rather pleased. I think perhaps the figure needs to be bent on his rod a little to give a better sense of dynamism/forward motion, he looks a little floaty to me currently, any thoughts? Oh, & this pic should be a little smaller but hopefully still clear, I think the others are a bit big. He stalled because I\'d got as far with the red highlights as I dared to go. I\'ve found the Blood Red a very flat colour, even when mixed with a bit of Scab or Gore. So I tried the Scab with a bit of Bleached bone to come up to a pink highlight & then put a red wash over to kill the pink a little & it\'s worked okay on the Archer & the guy to his right but more practise required before I assualt my Squig!

    Hope you al have a lovely weekend, cheers, BPI.

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    Some progress...

    Cheers, B.

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    the fire looks great. But more shadows on the brown and green

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    I would love to see these pictures, but all I see are broken links.

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    Hi CreganTur, from my PC here at work I can see pics with IE, Firefox & Opera so am unsure what to suggest. Perhaps someone who understands the internet/forum better might be able to advise?

    MonkeySplitters, thanks for looking. Might you perhaps elaborate? The shadows on the brown between his legs are black/foundation grey/catchan foundation brown in the lower recessess/folds with catchan brown/bleached brown on the highest point. Is it that the colour is not dark enough or that not enough surface area is painted as shadow. I think if I were to include a shot of the green on the back of the cowl it might be easier to see how much trouble I\'m having. The pale green on the cowl under his chin is paler than any green I\'ve dared highlight before and the sweep of beige to the left (sword side) of the chest shield also felt very bold! So I need to be equally bold with the shading?
    I\'m fairly pleased with the flame but this shot shows the most flattering angle, it looks a little like a striped ice cream cone from some angles (or perhaps Rocket lolly). I think bringing the grey smoke down into the recesses lower, lightly oranging the tips of the yellow flames & making the white dot on the yellow brighter might smudge it all up a little.
    Cheers, B.

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    well I can see the shading and highlights, but it just seems kinda of washed out It maybe just the photo (as it is alot of the time). Id just suggest a few more washes to deepen the shadows and not in the places they already are strong (like on the lower ta bard) but the folds on the front of his cowl and his shoulders.

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    Cheers for replying MonkeySplitters, I\'ll plod on with him through the week & see where I get.

    Just a little group that I painted a couple of years ago. They\'re from the GW Dryad plastics box. I wanted a Zombie Pixie for my game so painted the top right one but they\'re all now in the \"generically useful figures\" box. So far they\'ve represented assorted summoned Memphits, small Elementals and the Owl (who I notice has cataracts) has been a Hawk familiar for a few months. Being a Dryad box you also get lots of twigs/branches which I\'ve intended to use as decoration for bases but haven\'t done beyond these four.

    I like the \"hidden\" extras that come on the GW sprues, I\'d just like the pictures on the boxes to be clearer so that I didn\'t have to deal with staff to find them :D (not that I tend to do very well at avoiding them before getting to the till, Saturday lunchtime seems to be best as they\'re busiest & I\'m lucky enough that my local GW is big enough to be able to browse the lower racked blisters without a 14 year old shoving his backside into my head while they play a game). Brettonian Archer dog & braziers to get done at some point.
    Has anybody seen the sprues for the new Empire Greatswords? Does the £10 extra compared to the bowmen cover the cost of bonus sprues of pets/standards/weapon racks/goodies, I hope so. My fear is that it has something to do with WHFB rules & points costs. A rather disdainful GW shop staff recently explained to me (in words of one syllable because it would appear that I come across as being a bit thick) that 95% of GW customers are gamers so that is who they cater for. Painters are just whiners who don\'t spend enough & waste staff time trying to find a plastics box with a zombie pixie in it. Not a verbatim quote of course but I felt so crap about it afterwords that I don\'t mind whining about it here! I should add that he\'s not representatrive of my experiences with GW staff, I normally just find them to be suffocatingly friendly (until a MILF walks into the store upon which they halt mid-sentence & I\'m able to sneak off while they gawp!).
    Cheers all, B.

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    Over in Uberdark\'s thread \"Encounter with Big Mek Gutslugga\" representing energy effects cropped up again - see also Strewart\'s \"3-D Lightning\"

    I thought I ought to at least have a go rather than just chiming in (particularly as a newbie to CMON). So I spent a weekend not finishing my RPG figures (or housework) & tried to model a Plasma/Energy-Field effect.

    That\'ll teach me. A most frustrating modelling experience. Multiple layers of patterns & effects painted over as they went wrong & I end up with a frustrated muddy swirl. Oh well.

    I\'d intended to have little arcs & sparks of lightning creeping from the poles of the globe & disguising cracks in the glass but a wash of purple ink killed the first belabored attempt & that was that.

    Perhaps a circular metal plate on top of the lightbulb (to look as though mounted on top of the aerial) with the red & blue dots rotating about it, better to make the shield a part of the figure rather than simply enveloping it.

    There was also to be a startled rabbit leaping away with a small stylised lightning bolt zapping it\'s tail. I removed the carrot from the rabbit but the purple splodge killed the mood.

    The bunny might have helped distract from the snow-globe appearance, as might a more angular base/terrain. Some kind of laser bolts being absorbed/reflected might be nice too.

    It was fun digging out the Space Hulk boxes though, far more figures than I remember (it must be over ten years since they were last opened). I found a metal Space Wolf Librarian I\'d long forgotten about.

    Intention: A red & a blue channel of energy whip & spiral up a sparking aerial to form a protective shield of purple plasma around a Space Marine Terminator.

    Result :redface:


    Must get on with my RPG figures again :)


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    So, last week, after having mentioned getting stuck with the red on my Squig, I thought I ought to practise the colour more. I\'m actually quite pleased! I managed to introduce Blood Red without wanting to fling the little chap across the room, hurrah!

    If anyone has any crits/advice to throw my way it\'ll be welcome, I have several more sets of red trousers to paint on this little band. Are the photos appropriate? Or should I post a single larger image, or a cropped super-close-up? Anyhow, more satisfying red than my last attempt.

    I assumed that over the weekend more red would be applied, or perhaps finishing off the cleric. No though. No enthusiasm at all.

    So I painted some blue instead.

    These three little guys were given a blue flesh basecoat before Christmas, I thought they looked a little scaly/amphibious & our game had some Kua-Toa (fish/frog men) floating about.

    Then I downloaded a 1985 Grenadier catalogue that someone had kindly scanned & posted. It turns out that they\'re Kobolds (little dog-men, think handbag dog not warhound!), so that killed the blue mood...

    ...until this weekend. There were apparently 4 of these in the original blister but my ice-cream tub of 1970s/80s lead recently passed on by a friend only contains these 3.

    This chap was painted on Saturday & is at a stage that I would have considered complete prior to discovering this site! I\'ve noticed a couple of tiny areas I want to neaten up but am really quite pleased. Painting him actually felt natural, rather than trying to force myself to attempt new techniques/ideas, I was able to switch off brain & enjoy (practise is paying off!). Any thoughts welcome...

    Then on Sunday this Kobold was pushed toward completion...

    Here\'s the third one just to show the pose...

    and a shot with a Black Reach 40K sprue that came with a White Dwarf magazine to show that these are really quite dinky figures...

    Thanks for looking folks, comments/crits/questions welcome, B. :)

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    This wizard was painted last year. Before I knew about Fairy Power Spray (thank you whoever recommended that) & was happy enough to work around mould lines. I\'d bought my 1st sample pots of Citadel Foundation paint & wash & wanted to try them out, so the robe is just base coat, wash, drybrush. Then I spent a bit of time on the scrolls & head. Games Workshop, 1985, I suspect in a boxed set of Wizards but they were in a donated bag of lead so I\'m not sure.

    In the new party we have coming up this year I need a wizard who uses scrolls for a player so finishing this guy off seems appropriate. I\'ve just put a base flock on & need to work out were to put the scrolls that he\'s dropped. Possibly a spellbook to lean against one leg as well but it might be a bit cluttersome.

    Anyone have any thoughts on where to stick the dropped scrolls? My idea was that the unrolled one would be an expended scroll to his front & an unused rolled one to his rear.

    It\'d be nice to have some writing on the scroll in his hand, burning as it is read (so normal black text at the bottom, brightly lit magical green text where it\'s being read & charred letters/page to the top. On the underside of the scroll the charring would show through, as would a pinpoint of the green. Then just have to put some reflection of the green light on his chest. It all sounds so easy in my head :) I suspect some wobbly lines of black ink will be where I settle!

    This wizard will be in the same team as the cleric, who I\'m prepping a base for.

    And the kobolds have bases too. Plus a little more paint, this trying to increase the contrast business is taking time to get to get to grips with but I\'m a lot happier with these than with the last Hawk Turquoise I painted which ended up looking like stripey toothpaste :)

    Thank you for looking,


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    I must say that I really like your style. It seems different from what others tend to paint, so it\'s refreshing. :beer:

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    Hi PegaZus, thanks for looking :)

    I just had a quick squizz at your gallery & really like those Spore Mines you\'ve done. I\'ve seen them in the GW catalogue & wondered about picking them up for use as coverall D&D monsters. Like the Dryad sprites I\'ve already posted I have a set of 4 Tzeentch Flamers that were painted up to be generic Fungus/Elemental monsters. I\'ll try to remember to take a pick this week.


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    Here are the GW Chaos Flamers Of Tzeentch (not sure of original release year) I mentioned. Painted a handful of years ago. I was trying to achieve a fungus/shroomy kind of effect. These guys have represented various of the D&D mushroom monsters (Shriekers & Violet Fungus from memory) as well as being handy for summoned Elementals.

    These digital cameras really are great (I only got one after discovering CMON for taking pics of minis). These figs still look quite nice in real life but the photos expose the flaws! The drybrushing on the blue one is horrible & the teeth on the top 2 are awful. How did I manage to miss painting the rim of the blue ones base? I think the beige still works quite well though & it\'s very satisfying to see that practice is improving my results :)


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    Hi all. Minor progress over the weekend as social engagements took precedent.

    Here\'s an image from a Grenadier catalogue showing the Kobolds, I wonder if i have the 4th one buried in a box somewhere?

    In case anyone wonders what the others are...

    Fantasy Lords Blister Packs
    148 Kobolds
    151 Hobgoblins
    150 Death Giant
    149 Ninja Giant

    Here are the Kobolds as they were Sunday teatime. Too many shots in this montage I think. Trying to play with the camera but the number of images to sift through is a bit overwhelming. At the moment I\'m not using any software levels/balancing, just cropped/resized images straight from the camera. I keep thinking I\'ve got it right, then tweaking another setting leaves me unsure again!

    Hopefully, from left to right, you can see me trying to increase the contrast on the blue. I\'m certainly feeling more confident about using Hawk Turquoise in the future. I\'m getting weary of these figures though, so rather than my normal abandonment to the eternal WIP box I\'m going to get the bases finished & just tidy them up (gaps between teeth, nails/horns on the right hand one, black wash on parts of silver metal particularly to better define belt buckle, etc.).

    In the spirit of playing with my camera here are their faces,

    The Cleric\'s base received more attention

    I think the gaps between paving slabs are a little shallow & the black in them is too close to the darker parts of the stone, so it loses some definition. Glueing static grass is going to require a lot more practice, it took 3 goes to put on these 2 clumps.

    So I tried a second base with deeper recesses & a sandstone colour. Tried some newly purchased Dark Earth scatter, then gave it a brown wash to matt it down a bit (possibly still a little damp in the picture!). I don\'t think it looks too bad but the effect might be better used in the future for forest floor. I\'m going to try a couple of clumps of static grass on this one too.

    I\'ve got some moorland scatter with nice purpley bits in it that I was going to use for the Kobolds but am wondering now if the dark earth might look better. Any thoughts?

    Cheers for looking, B. :)

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    So I loaded the 2 bases into a foam-sandwich case on games night to see which the player of the Cleric would prefer I use for his new character. Blasted static grass, unsuprisingly (in retrospect) the little grass fibres had all been squashed. As my friend said, it looks like two blobs of moss. Drat. I\'ll try scraping it out.

    So the Cleric will be going onto the sandstone base, without grass. I was going to put it on but the player said he prefered the idea of the torch being lit for dungeoneering rather than night time. I think perhaps a little frilly fungus instead then (or a toadstool if my putty skills fail!). The dark earth scatter was well received though, I\'d expected to be asked why I hadn\'t just used sand instead.

    Painting progress has been beginning a Mordheim sprue chest, for metal & gem practice. I have two of these sprues so glued one chest closed & one open. Glued the treasure base to the top of the open chest & it looks fine. Typically I only worked out that the little grooves weren\'t there for some mysterious moulding process but were actually a guide for glueing the treasure into the base of the chest! I keep getting muddled by 3 part kits, surely that shouldn\'t be possible!? I have an Ogre Goblin hunter (Gnobblar?) with a mantrap that confused me so much I shaved his hands & feet off the trap because I thought it was badly cast & his body I chucked into the tub of metal flash. Only realised what he was supposed to look like when I picked up a GW catalogue!

    Also prepped & undercoated a Skaven Poison Wind Globadier as Mattsterbenz\'s Necron\'s globe is too nice not to want to try & copy!

    This is, of course, my normal ploy, paint a figure anywhere from 20-90% completion then get distracted by a new colour or technique which gets applied to something new lol

    Assuming I get the Kobolds completed over the weekend, I\'ll be wanting to put up my first entry in the Gallery (my intention on signing up to the site was the low pressure aim of getting five entries up by Christmas). Would any of you regulars, particularly keen voters, mind helping me with a bit of Gallery etiquette?

    I know that I need to retitle my entry from \"Another Mini\", make sure my image is the correct size, etc. but should I enter the Kobolds as a single entry or as three separate ones? I wouldn\'t want to miss out on one being voted higher than others (ho ho ho) but then there are people putting up a single shot of a unit of 20 figures painted really nicely. Advice/best practice/your preference, it\'d be nice to know.

    Cheers, B.

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