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    The Halflings have had more paint on the flesh in an attempt to reach a satisfactory result. Timbul\'s bowl now has food & a spoon :)

    And I\'ve got started on this pair, another set with recessed tiny eyes of course lol Sam & Frodo in Orc Armour


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    Lord Of The Rings - tried to read it several times as a kid having loved The Hobbit but always got bogged down in book two with page after page of elven politics (as I remember it). A not dissimilar experience later occured trying to read the first chunk of The Illiad :) Peter Jackson\'s films came out & I shrugged, not sure why, I\'d have expected to like it & Braindead is a classic while Meet The Feebles is a personal fave. Watched the exended set at a friends place on a big telly with fancy speakers but I think I\'d passed out shortly after the third began. This month, off work, picked up the set of 3 for a tenner in HMV. Thoroughly enjoyed them lol that Eowyn is rather smashing isn\'t she?

    I\'ve already got the Mines of Moria box set, the release of which was my first awareness of the game. I think my brief painting stints for the last decade were largely on old minis, I didn\'t visit a GW or buy WD.And I\'ve picked up some odds & ends of figures but am now actually quite keen on setting up a short series of skirmish/storyline games for my gaming gang as a break from a brilliantly sustained D&D campaign. The DM is our best but he\'ll need a break soon & I\'m not ready with resuming my campaign yet (must get head down & write at some point).

    All of which leads to a trip to Sheffield on Sunday with a friend to visit games shops. I tried Huddersfield the other week & got a couple of things but was a little disappointed. Sheff was great though, Patriot Games had plenty of Privateer Press stuff while Wargames Emporium had sale boxes and old blisters & a wider range of brands. Having not shopped outside of GW for figures in 10 years or so it was nice to see some other stuff although my bank balance needs to be ignored for a while lol

    Anyway, amongst other things I got an Eowyn figure for a quid! Marvelous. Lopsidedly glued into a base & black undercoat scratched but not damaged. Not even trimmed actually although there were some file marks from mouldline removal. Not that my prep is anything other than shabby lol

    So cleaned & lightly undercoated then black base for metal on Sunday. Face on Monday night, eyes took forever yet again, I keep thinking practice will make perfect & then feel like a novice each time I try! Tuesday? Well I\'m sat typing this after noodling about the forums & sorting photos, thinking that she needs more purple/red shading but I should put her hair in first so that I can see the colours against each other properly.

    For those of you sensible enough to skip my prattling, here\'s a GW LotR Eowyn On Foot (in WIPpy stage 1)


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    Just admiring my post & blimey my prep really is shabby. Must try to do that line on the shoulder at least. I keep meaning to try this speck of wet&dry sandpaper on a cocktail stick business. I bought some when I happened upon a pack but having checked the numbers on posts since I think the 400 grade I\'ve bought is very much from the DIY rather than hobby end of the scale. B.

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    Nice! I can\'t wait to see you put some more paint on those LotR figures. You seem like a true fantasy middle-ages painter to me

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    Cheers for the comment A Luna :) No painting tonight, I\'m off out to play a game. :beer: B.

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    No painting tonight due to :beer:, it started as a social drink, honest, but they\'ve gone now so I\'m home alone & Deadwood season 2 is beckoning :) I did put some paint on Eowyn\'s hair last night though. I don\'t know if these super duper zoomy digital cameras are a blessing or a curse! I put my brush away feeling good, particularly about not getting any yellow on the face lol I didn\'t post the pic, went to bed instead, otherwise she was going to end up a little disc of metal under a lump hammer lol either her or my brush hand! The less said about the cloak the better as well :)

    The hair is supposed to be greyer yellow rather than the vibrant colour it is now, I wonder if a little Graveyard Earth in the Bubonic Brown would get me closer? Or possibly scrubbing her clean. I\'ll see how I feel tomorrow.

    Of course, at something closer to scale the pics are a little more forgiving. I pray no one\'s viewing the web via a projector though lol

    Happy painting all :beer: B.

    Must try not to post later, it\'s bad enough waking up hungover with half a memory of saying something foolish, without being able to visit the web & read it lol :beer:

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    It\'s been feeling like this about painting that\'s led to everything being packed up for months on end in the past. Not this time :) This Uruk Hai Berserker is another of my recent 2nd hand purchases. Clipped him off his base this morning & set to. At teatime I wondered if I might finish today but I\'ve noticed that it\'s getting late. I wondered about posting yet another figure without completing it but what the hey, here\'s what I\'ve painted today...


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    Sunday progress...

    :) B.

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    About done now...

    I feel better now :D B.

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    Nice looking :)
    I\'m sure everyone is a lot more forgiving with those big pictures. I like the berserker, the skin is like a real leather skin instead of the red-ish skin in the movie. I like it and might use it for some of my uruks later. I\'d just say its a little bit to brown for me, perhaps I should add a little red...
    why am I talking to myself now?

    Lovely work there, keep it up and post some pics of eowyn:D

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    Cheers Luna :) I\'m not sure what I\'ll be painting tonight? I could put some white hands on the Uruk Hai or just sort out some Gallery photos for him (having real trouble getting a shot that properly shows both eyes). Various halflings/hobbits to carry on with, as well as all the stuff dating further back. I\'d like some more prepped bases as well, could just sit & play with chunks of compressed cork & gutter salvaged slate. I did undercoat a bargain box Pestigor Musician before bed yesterday evening though! B.

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    Played with a Pestigor leg this evening...

    :) B.

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    I like your sigmar priest at most. The leg looks good too until now. Maybe you can put some green washes over it. For make a deadly skin look.

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    Hello HonourGuard, thank you for looking. The Priest is still on my desk, I\'ll get him stuck to his base & completed at some point - this year I hope lol

    I agree about the green for the Pestigor leg. Certainly as liner around the big open wound & inside the divets (burst pustules?). The orange flesh is only highlighted to dull yellow so far but I hope to manage to get a pus coloured top to the lumpy bits. I want to avoid him looking too much like a zombie though.

    I don\'t know if you\'ve seen the US TV mini-series \"The Corner\", predecessor of \"The Wire\", but there\'s a scene I remember with a woman whose drug addiction has so consumed her that she\'s oblivious to her multiple open sores. A stomach churning thing to view but useful for painting Nurgle Chaos Beastmen! To see someone who\'s alive but in such a horrific state rather than magically undead is the effect I\'m after. Of course my imagination normally oversteps my painting ability by a country mile, but what the hey, it\'s all good clean fun. B.

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    Its good to see a few more LotR painters around here. That berserker skin is SMOOTH. Its amazing how you have so many ongoing projects and how you can hop between them and still keep going at them until you finish.

    Nice leg BTW. :)

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    Cheers Darkwind, the orc is familiar territory, paint-wise anyhow. Black undercoat, Bestial Brown/Vermin Brown/Bubonic Brown. After painting a plastic box of Beastmen I finally got to grips with that triad (unlike any containing Goblin Green or Blood Red so far) & it\'s now a safe retreat when frustrated :) You might want to reserve the right to withdraw the compliment re. completing minis though, lots of talk & not enough action lol It was your Space Marine thread that helped with the leg actually. The red in the open wound has a touch of green in it which I haven\'t tried before, hence going from lots of red with a touch of dark green through pale green with a touch or red, just a touch of rotting flesh to go for highlight.

    Happy painting folks, B.

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    Alongside Eowyn & the Uruk-Hai these are the other two LotR figures I picked up in that second-hand batch...

    Grima Wormtongue and a reclining Hobbit. I think it\'s Pippin but he\'s not anywhere I can find on GW\'s website or in the 2008-09 catalogues. I assume he came from an adventure pack, can anyone help?

    Painting has been rather distracted & patchy this week which resulted in a little dawdling on the Pestigor...

    ...and then some playing around on Grima Wormtongue, had to look at the \'Eavy Metal paintjob to work out what was hair/hankie/hand/glove/face & it still might get a bit muddled there! Not interested in painting him dressed entirely in black but wanted to keep his clothing dark. Sketched in the purple & green on the back then went & did full-fill colour on the red front!? It goes with the fur I suppose. I\'ll see if I get anywhere this evening in settling down on a colour scheme/technique/style lol

    :beer: B.

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    A bit easier to see what\'s going on with colour on each item. Metal on the dagger, belt buckle & cloak clasp to be done later. I think the purple area of cloak might go to grey. The mesh on the arms to stay black. Nosebleed, dabbed handkerchief, perhaps a couple of tiny blood drops on a marble floor? Perhaps a stone floor actually lol Enough for now though. B.

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    The colours on grima robes tie in great together! it also livens up a boring model.

    As for Pippin, I believe he came from the Merry, Pippin and Grishnakh set from the TT era.

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    Cheers for the i.d. DarkWind, searching for Grishnakh in the Gallery made life easier than searching for \"reclining hobbit\" lol Grima\'s getting more attention today & a base for the Pestigor has been begun. :) B.

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