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    Just a quick test, is it only GenerulPoleaxe's thread that thinks this post has fewer than 10 characters? B.

    EDIT: turns out I have to make NoScript allow the Googleapis.com script in order to post!

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    Hurrah, some progress. Back of the ropes done and the strap across his back, which looks to need a bit more work...

    Cheers, B.

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    A little more colour on the back strap & quite a lot more on the base...

    Cheers, B.

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    Hello everyone, some time spent on the bronze of the back ofthe Nurgle device & the wood...

    I think the whole mini has paint on him now! So if I can fix him to the base it'll be fit enough to take down to GW tomorrow to enter in the WHFB Single cat of the local comp.

    Hurrah B.

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    Really great work. You've done a great job of bringing some interesting blues and greens into the usually drab world of nurgle.
    WARNING: Painting all of your miniatures may lead to death.

    "There comes a day in every man's life when he has to get off the couch... and kill some zombies."

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    Thanks Pez, I appreciate the comment muchly

    Right then, 1 bath & 2 cups of tea later & it's drill & superglue time! I'll get the bugger attached to his base & off into town I go. Hopefully the walk will calm down the butterflies in my tummy lol Had a crack at finishing up Grima last night but that can of beer I had with my tea led to a quick nap on the sofa which led to waking up at 1am & retreating to bed (sorry Pez, no Zombie slaying for me!). Have a nice weekend all, cheers, B.

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    I thought I should repay you visit in my plague priest thread. Lots of nice works mate and I really like that standard bearer - congratz.

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    Yippee! I won a Mini-Demon for the Pestigor How exciting!

    A couple of entries caught my eye, an Imperial chap with bandages & a crutch with a fair amount of conversion & very nice presentation and a zombie emerging from a muddy pool with someone scrambling back from it, nice sense of the moment. Some ambitious work on show too, I don't think the Skulltaker on the back of a Juggernaut worked that well but bloody nice try to bash those 2 together. Good fun The next one is a Christmas theme on the 14th of Nov, only 2 weeks away!

    Thanks for looking Phaty

    Chuffed cheery B!
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    Well done on the mini daemon. Thoroughly deserved I reckon, the banner on that Pestigor is great.

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    congrats. shame about the crappy trophy!

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    yeah the trophy looks a bit cheap congratz anyhow, the pestigor and his banner are great. and i still love that base, its just soooo cool!

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    Thanks Breadhead, Freak & Skelettets, some poor GW staffer had to sit on Friday night & paint 9 Bloodletters gold lol I'll forgive the quality

    A little something from the weekend...

    Cheers, B.

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    I was a bit stuck over the weekend, in the mood to paint but just staring at figures, unable to choose one. So I picked this elf that I put together back when I was doing the ethereal glade guard. An opportunity to practice some gold & to try out the 2 bottles of Vallejo model colour I bought a while back. So last night I shaded the metal a bit more & then this evening I've worked on the hair & then just tested the colour sceme on the boot. Oxford Blue/Ice Blue & Black Red/Blood Red. Looks okay I suppose, I'm not that enthused by the mini, particularly as it turned out her face was quite so narrow. Plenty of room to try & improve the magic effect on the sword blades over the glade guard ghost to come though. So here's progress...

    Cheers, B.

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    like the elf B gold is v.nice keep up the good stuff

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    Cheers Exiles, the gold feels ok so far a few more dabs of shading then I get to switch back to metallic paint to try & highlight. I think part of my difficulty with the process is forgetting where I intended to put the paint as I get distracted by the different reflections depending on how I'm holding the figure. Must try & concentrate! The VMC Oxford Blue is a little odd, at home under my painting lamp & living room bulb it looks more like GW Foundation purple but online it looks blue!? The simple one colour highlights on the boot are as close as I come to an army painting style, with a bit of effort I should have her complete over the weekend. Still need to work out a base, I have some plastic & brass leaves so may muck about with those a bit. Cheers, B.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BPI View Post
    The simple one colour highlights on the boot are as close as I come to an army painting style B.
    B do you find it hard to do an army style then? I have painted so many armies over the past few years I have the oposite problem I find I have to think real hard when uping my game to display std as I rush sometimes. I do a nice foundry army style where I can put out 4 or 5 figures every hour or so.

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    Hi Exiles, army painters are a gang I've always been slightly jealous of, it just seems to involve a different set of skills to be able to churn out consistent neat work over so many figures in such a short space of time. One of my friends spent a decade or so doing commission work, a 12" batman vinyl figure one day , multiple units of 25mm napoleonic the next, folowed by a WH40K army over the weekend, I was very impressed by his skills but never had any feeling that I wanted to embark upon it, even as a pocket money raiser rather than job. He did give me 5 prussian horsemen & a reference book for the uniform & I spent a couple of weeks working on them before he had to finish them off for the client! I didn't really help out :redface: If I'm in the mood to paint purple up through pink then slogging through more red stripes down white trouser seams is just boring.

    Various reasons I can think of for my finding this area of the hobby so tricky though. I've never had an army, as a roleplayer getting a dozen orcs completed is as many enemy troops as I need ever represent at once on the table, so I've never had the pressure to achieve 150 completed minis. I paint as a distraction from the areas of life that I find stressful, embarking upon an army is just another thing to get anxious about completing! The default question from people looking at my recent work is "how long did that take?" & I confess my answer is a bit vague because I really don't know (being prone to number exageration doesn't help either). When you say you bash out 4 an hour (smirk) I assume that you are applying paint for 60 minutes. What I'm realising is that in any hour that I'm sat, brush in hand, I'm only actually painting for a small portion of time, perhaps 15 of the 60? I've thought about buying one of those chess clocks with the button on top that I can nudge to tally up "painting time" as opposed to "thinking about painting time" . Off the top of my head I've spent 10 hours on this f.elf so far but stopping to consider it would suggest that's actually about 2.5 hours painting time. Still slow isn't it!

    I suppose when I refer to my "army style" it has nothing to do with speed! I just mean applying a base coat with a single colour highlight. No washes/glazes, additional shading or third colour brightness. Simply a means of chugging through the bits of a figure I have little interest in (this f.elf's clothing) so that I can play with the bits I'm currently enjoying (gold,face, magical swords). The theory is that I end up with a completed mini rather than yet another addition to the WIP mountain with 2 areas complete & the rest just undercoated! It's not that I think of my completed minis as display standard though, they're all on gaming bases & have dice thrown at them by annoying drunk gamers on a weekly basis

    Perhaps I ought to challenge myself to an hour long speed paint (proper size mini, no snotlings) to see how far I get? Having never really rushed a mini It might be interesting to see the result (I suspect an undercoated mini with the first colour base coat starting to take shape lol)

    Enough words for now, cheers, B.

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    Swords next. Cheers all, B.

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    I just have to say I love how many mini's you actually get painted. Kudos to you for sure! You definitely keep me motivated to keep progressing on mine. I like the elf, she has this wonderful milky skin that really shows a feminine and graceful aspect to her. I think the colors could work but they feel kinda flat. I would try pushing the blue even darker in the folds and recesses and giving the red areas some stronger highlights. The gold I can't help much with since I'm struggling with that myself Keep it up B!

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    Hi Thomgirl, thank you very much for the kind comments, much appreciated The clothing may receive more attention but only if I can paint the swords to my satisfaction (the reason for glueing her together in the first place), otherwise she'll be booted into the WIP heap! I did have a go last night & while some of the paint went on smoothly I didn't embark with a definite enough plan as to the effect I wanted & things are stuck a little, I may post a pic before working it any further.

    As your new cavalry fig has gold I may as well just let you know what I did above so that you can copy/avoid as appropriate! No purple in mine though... yet . Bestial Brown base, Shining Gold over the top (took 3 coats to get smooth full coverage), thin Thraka green wash all over, dabbed Thraka Green over shaded areas, dabbed Devlan Mud over shaded areas, Shining Gold highlight, Burnished Gold final highlight.

    Cheers, B.

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