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    Just a quick post to try & bump this thing to page 2, the load time must be driving you all nuts. Fewer but better photos in the future I think. However for now, I\'ve just found a shot on my USB key so may as well share it.

    GW LotR Black Numenorean Warrior in metal. I started him off & liked the red & tan, then got stuck on the blue (hence blue practice on the Kobolds).

    I may finish him (& the other 2) one day...


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    Love some of the classic minis you have going here. Reminds me a lot of my collection. I also painted my first mini around 25 years ago and jumped in and out of the hobby.

    A couple questions:
    What is Fairy Power Spray?

    What are you using for the bases? I have been looking for some suitably dungonee bases for my D&D games and havne\'t had much luck.

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    Hi Gilvan. Fairy is a UK brand name of Procter & Gamble for a washing-up liquid detergent who also manufacture other cleaning products. Power Spray is one of those spray on & leave for twenty minutes before wiping off cleaners. I read it recomended on a forum & gave it a go. After spraying over whole figures in a glass roasting dish & leaving overnight, all paint came off in one pass from a soft toothbrush aside from in deepest pinpoint recesses. That\'s acrylic off lead. I haven\'t removed enamel from my older figures yet or the car spray paint that\'s on my old Chaos Warriors.

    The bases are 20mm GW slotta/filled that I have an excess of, built up with bits of epoxy putty & painted. Then attacked with various model railway scatters/flocks.


    PS further the Necron orb the new White Dwarf wizards have some nice mystic globe affects to look at, the magazine says more pics on their website.

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    pootle, pootle, pootle...

    Wizard\'s ink pot has some paint! More metallic practice using Dwarf Bronze, ? Gold & Shining Gold plus washes. Any tips for making the quill look more feathery?

    Cheers for looking, B.

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    A few weeks ago I met up with the folks & while they were looking at my minis I was asked about the brushes. I said the GW ones I use are nice but that I\'d read about W&N No7 Series and what do you know, I\'ve now got a 1, 0 & 00 :) what fluke to have a relative who works around the corner from the London Windsor & Newton shop lol

    Of course they\'ve now sat a while as I finished off the BPI & The Ice-Cream Tub thread posts. So painting needed to be done. Since last post I\'d put a little effort into a Skaven tail, trying to make it look meaty. My last rat-men tails were a bit Titilating Pink & weak looking, I want it to look as though it would hurt if you were hit by it, an extra limb for the Skaven rather than just a fleshy appendage that trails around after him. I was quite pleased with progress then got muddled trying to put a green tinge to the flesh, in keeping with him being a Poison Wind Globadier. My WIP backlog increases in size by one lol

    Then I just wanted to get my hand back in, after trying to pick up a brush every day, 10 days off feels like a long time! So I put together a Druid for a new character in our regular game. He doesn\'t look too Druidic now but I have some ideas that should help give the impression. But I got stuck with the eyes, they\'re little slits & I got the colour in okay but trying to use washes around them is awful. The slits just gather the wash, so I\'m going to have to repaint them & then I\'ll use Scab Red around the socket like I normally would have. An okay shortcut, just not for this figure.

    On Friday night I wanted to use the new brushes & also to finish something! Rather than paint something from the eternal WIP stack I decided a new GW Snotling was the way to go, surely even I can complete a figure this small...

    So at giving up time on Friday night I\'d clipped some trees from a Dryad sprue & put a Bubonic Brown flesh base with Orange Ink blacklining on a Snotling chosen because he didn\'t have a net (which I didn\'t fancy painting).

    By Saturday evening the base was just lacking scatter & he needed his bracers, buckles, apron & club painting. Oh, and his eye repainting.

    Sunday evening he\'s done!

    I\'m quite pleased. I\'d considered doing the bracers in black & white checks but chickened out after getting the black buckle base all over his chest! The Red Gore colours in the back of the club spike are supposed to make it look more like a broken tooth. I\'ve left the trees fairly simple on purpose, hopefully it doesn\'t look like laziness! I was unsure about putting deeper/richer green in the recesses of the hat but left it this way so that it sits back more. It\'s very satisfying to actually get something done, including base, so quickly. Now I just have to catch up with the commission army painters who turn out thousands of points worth of lovely figures a day lol

    So this Snotling was pretty much entirely painted with my new No1 & No0, I\'ll have to do some freehand to require breaking out the No00. Very nice brushes btw

    This Snotling will hopefully be my first CMON Gallery entry, just have to submit it...


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    My Snotling is up in the Gallery...
    if anyone likes or dislikes him enough to consider a vote worthwhile, please do.

    Cheers, B.

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    ...pootle, pootle, pootle...

    Just a quick update to keep my WIP thread alive. The Druid got a little clothing colour on Monday/Tuesday evening...

    I tried last night to bring some red into the shading of the leather & to smooth out the colour transitions before highlighting further. This was supposed to turn out beige when I began but these choices are always mutable :)

    The green skirt feels okay, more grey shading required but I want to keep it light. Took a couple of pics before work this morning (battery needed recharging last night!) but have just looked & they\'re a bit fuzzy.

    In theory, ho ho ho, there will be Mike McVey inspired (copied) Green Knight style ivy around the hem of the skirt (dark green or rusty brown?) & a totemic/stylised bear paw print on his bum, probably in white (like the LotR orcs).

    Further to the Druid intention I checked the D&D rules & the key elements seem to be they\'re shape-changers & don\'t use metal. So the blade on the weapon will be metallic but the rest of it will be painted as wood. The chain on his wrist will either be removed or painted as wooden links (or perhaps marble/jade?). The torn clothes suit a shape-changer so I think the waistcoat will be purple/pink in homage to The Incredible Hulk\'s trousers. Druids in the game can run through bramble patches without any issue so the base for this guy will have lots of Dryad sprue tree bits, all leaning out of his way. Oh, and I think black hair & beard.

    That\'s the plan at least! Hopefully I\'ll post an update Monday & see how different the result is to the intention lol

    Cheers for looking, any advice before I head off to the internet-free-weekend-wilderness? B.

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    Some weekend progress on the Druid, as usual I took too many photos...

    Bleugh, I feel rubbish this morning, may have to retreat to bed. Still intend to get this Druid finished this week though, B.

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    Yep, I\'m retreating to bed. If anyone has any suggestions for how to rescue my first attempt at a swirly pattern without overpainting it, it\'d be much appreciated. A thin wash of purple or green over the skirt is the best I\'ve thought of so far. I quite like the wood effect on the mace though, if perhaps a little too reminiscent of an onion lol

    Cheers, B.

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    So, a bit stuck on the Druid\'s skirt, I\'ll get him done over the weekend. I was saving this \"grand reveal\" of the base for later but am quite pleased with it on its own so here you go...

    Whilst feeling rubbish at the start of the week I glued together this little fella as a distraction...

    My notes so far:

    Idea from White Dwarf #312, Conversion Clinic article.
    Plastic Wood Elf Glade Guard.
    Base stone from Dryad sprue.

    For next time:
    Remove midriff from torso before glueing to cloak!
    Boot position very important to give impression of movement, this one too floaty.
    Body more horizontal than vertical perhaps, with hood tilted up.
    Cut toe off boot & stick to front of stone, remove centre section of foot, glue heel end to back of stone.
    Perhaps also have a branch going through the cloak.
    Attach Ghost to base device before base itself, aid in centring figure correctly (or at least move before miliput!).
    Insert a green wash after foundation granite wash before foundation granite/pale green build up? (as with Flagellent Druid base).

    Let\'s see If I can complete something over the weekend!


    PS thank you to everyone who has voted on my Snotling, I\'m well chuffed!

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    This blummin\' Druid, less interested since the player decided to roll a new character for the forthcoming game as the class no longer appeals. Swine :cussing:

    So his flesh got some work, the face a little neatening, glued to his base, teeth added, etc. Hair still needs more work, skirt still bugs me, eyes not as clear as I\'d like but I was going to call him done & post in the Gallery. But of course the photos revealed more flaws. Most noticeably his top lip/gum needs redefining, the three dabs of white marking his teeth are a little long when viewed from the wrong angle! Probably for the best he\'s not going to be gamed with for months as the branches were unlikely to survive for long. He\'s been an interesting experiment but really a piece best used for the lessons learnt I think.


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    The Ethereal Glade Guard was going to be completed but... he\'s not had his highlight up to Rotting Flesh, play with different purple power effect on other sword, attach branches to base, etc. Instead the Gretchin Gren base on the arrows/bow is complete :)

    I do have sort of an excuse though, I got distracted by the following...

    a Dryad Glade Guard. Not inspired by an article this time, it\'s all my own work! Presumably done before nevertheless but I\'m quite enjoying her. She\'ll have a purple sword as well & I should end up with a coherent looking gang of Glade Guard. The yellow on her right arm is supposed to represent her bow & that tiny face needs sharpening up. I thought I\'d have got further but the cloak took longer than anticipated to basecoat & the bracelets/anklet had been painted before I decided to make them metallic.

    I have a minor operation to undergo on Wednesday, slightly anxious but less about having my neck sliced open & more to do with staying in hospital overnight for the first time! Hopefully I\'ll be back to posting next week, not that I get many replies but the page views seem to be healthy enough :beer:

    Cheers folks, B.

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    I\'ve been slapping some paint on a few of the dozen or so Halfling / Hobbit figures I grouped together from numerous dusty boxes a few months ago...

    Hiero GW 1987

    Very recessed eyes made them a bugger to get paint into. I\'m quite pleased with the colour of the jacket, shiny brass buttons to come!

    Nodin aka Swingul GW 1987

    I\'m pleased with the progress so far. I wondered about a brighter coloured hat but like the grey base. The red & white check is running through all of my \"Empire\" figures of late to try & help theme them as irregulars / city watch, for future urban D&D games. The base has another stepping stone behind him, the intention currently is to flock the rest with summer meadow, munchkinland bright, scatter.

    Nody aka Udo GW 1987

    All of this batch of GW halflings had blobs of metal on their backs but this is the worst. On his rear left hand side there is a groove running top to bottom & the \"tail\" of his hat has the entire neck section missing. Unless that\'s just more excess metal. Next time I mix some milliput for the bases I\'ll try to fill it in. The face looks as though it\'ll be nice to paint.

    Timbul GW 1987

    Even more horribly recessed eyes. I hope I manage to make the bowl, food in bowl, spoon, food on spoon, hands, all distinct & clear!

    Unknown manufacturer, possibly has YG scratched on the base? Any ideas anyone? Given its source, most likely 1985-1992?

    I\'m assuming a female halfling, she\'s 20mm tall but her head is half the size of the GW ones. I thought I could pull off a fresh faced Red Riding Hood look but so far she looks more like Mrs T to me! (Oh the horror). The paint has gone on roughly but as usual the photos help so next crack might neaten things up a bit. I\'ve mounted her quite high at the back of a 25mm round base so that I can have a cliff/ditch drop in the foreground to play with.

    Cheers for looking, B.

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    This Dryad Glade Guard brings me up to date with posting pics of everything that\'s received paint in the past week. I bought some felt to try as photo background & my first try suggests I didn\'t need anything other than the grey...

    :) B.

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    Well, I got frustrated at the very sight of the Druid figure & have consigned him to the figure case. I can only take so many photos of him before they all blur together, so I\'ve popped this image into the Gallery...

    If any one would be so kind as to vote, the link is http://www.coolminiornot.com/228579

    Thank you, B.

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    Nodin received some more attention last night...

    Sepia wash over the hat band, followed by red & beige neatening.
    Grey highlights to hat followed by blue & black wash.
    Bottom lip pinker from the red it was.
    Metal on sword.
    Brown & red wash shading on cloak followed by paled Snakebite Leather highlights then a Sepia wash.
    Blue wash between toes.
    Highlight green jersey to a yellower colour, purple wash in creases.
    Highlight red trousers to orange.

    Areas to work on...
    Continue to deepen shading on cloak & hat.
    Flesh paint to side of mouth to narrow it a bit.
    The feet. I wish Tolkien hadn\'t given Hobbits hairy feet. Or that sculptors didn\'t represent the hair, I think it\'d be easier to paint on (as per GenerulPoleaxe).
    Black & blue washes on sword, Mithril silver highlight.
    Lighten stepping stones, some brown shades.
    Flock/scatter/static grass.

    If anyone thinks there are any areas in need of attention that I\'ve not mentioned or any other thoughts, please chime in. I hope to get some work done on him today. I daren\'t say finish!

    Cheers, B.

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    So I got a little more paint on these guys yesterday. Just a bit more staining on Nodin\'s cloak, I quite like the weathered feel of it so far. I recently got around to purchasing a rotary hand tool, which I\'ve desired since first seeing a Dremel TV ad umpty years ago. So I tried to even out the miliput stepping stone edges so that they\'re flush with the base. Well, the front shows that the sanding band was a little keen but the polishing stone cylinder worked okay on the back, Timbul got the same treatment. Lots of practice required to become familiar with it I think, so I\'m glad to have got it out & begun to learn.

    Hiero had some wood grain on the spear shaft which went nicely. So, feeling warmed up, I launched in to Timbul\'s face. Aaaargh, the horror. Believe it or not the photo is actually flattering! He should look like Hiero, just a thin coat of Dwarf Flesh setting out the main flesh shapes, in order to move on to the stage that Nodin is at but it all went wrong. Paint a little thick, metal very rough, those horrible piggy, deeply recessed eyes which I painted dark to look drowsy, now just look like drilled holes. So I put a thin Ogryn Flesh wash over to try & smooth it, then thin blue wash to stubble a little, highlighted a little. Then gave up in disgust. I\'m only posting this now to put off having another go lol I really would like to get these guys done this weekend as I want to paint my entry for the end of Aug in store do at GW (my first entry into any kind of comp, if I get round to it, I think I\'ve missed 2 so far this year).

    :beer: B.

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    That ethereal glade guard is very cool. I like your work :)

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    Thank you Aliengod3. That Glade Guard is in the Eternal WIP Pile rather than just abandoned. I was quite pleased with the sword paintwork but not the effect, so the morning after I took him to local GW & a friendly staff member took a few minutes to give me some immediate suggestions. Then I got distracted lol Next time the mood strikes for a small brush & some purple I\'ll try the second one & then of course the Dryad & the back sides of the blades.

    :beer: B.

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    Well, that\'s enough for now, his head is looking a little neater at least...


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