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    ok i shall look for the clifton. should be sorting out my interweb connection this w/e!

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    Originally posted by Mr Scream
    Originally posted by Ritual
    When in Paris you should be drinking wine and eating a cheese plate. :) I miss Paris...
    I cant drink (I was a bit to eager in my teenage years :P) But I will make an effort to eat a big pile of cheese :drunk:
    You can have my cheese, I will do your fair share of drinking..I to will be in Paris the weekend before GD at the Mix!

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    clifton\'s all booked up so i went for the carlton round the corner

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    Originally posted by freakinacage
    clifton\'s all booked up so i went for the carlton round the corner
    Well, at least you\'re going to be there! I look forward to seeing you there. :flip:

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    right back atcha. it\'s not far so i can hang out with you guys and trudge back to mine within 5mins

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    Good to hear you have a room
    Looking forward to a nice sit down chat and drink

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    I got an email from Amanda at myHobbystore, they are posting the tickets out 2 wks before the event, and yeah it would have been nice for them to have put that little gem of info, somewhere on their webstore, no?

    BTW those with pre-order tickets get to go in at 0930, half an hour before the doors open :D

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    are they worth it? i have never been, haven;t bought my tickets yet

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    it\'s bloody brilliant!!
    Sooo.... many goodies, and plenty of eye candy

    plus it\'s only £10 to get in or £13 for a two day ticket!

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    is it worth it to get in early i mean? it\'s not as if you need to bypass the massive forgeworld queue is it?

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    There can be a bit of a queue
    But nothing like games day

    Also I think early entry would only really be necessary to get to the traders
    Cause no-one would have entered any pieces yet :)

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    There is no point worrying about getting in early to be honest unless you want to be right at the front of the queue to get to a specific trader.

    Every year I have gone I have got there for around 0800/0900 then got something to eat before getting to the front of the queue to buy a ticket even if I miss the front of the queue you can still be in withing 20 minutes.

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    Yippee! tickets arrived this morning :flip:

    getting in early, means not being squished for half an hour or so, while you have a wander round. It\'s not the biggest venue in the world

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    Default Entry Forms.....

    ....just thought, are there official entry forms that you have to use, or is that sorted out on the day? ???

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    Rob said you sort things out on the day.

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    Remember to take a pen
    Hopefully I will . . . .

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    Originally posted by Ritual
    Rob said you sort things out on the day.
    OK thanks, I thought that was the case, just wanted to check :D

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    Less than 24 hours before leaving for the UK. I\'m both excited and panicked! So much still to do...

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    Have a safe trip
    I\'ll see you in Folkestone

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    safe trip anders. see you soon

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