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    Whoaaaa I love your painting on this one. Nothing specific, it all works so well :D

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    That\'s absolutely superb :)

    The scale suits you - do more!

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    Thanks for the support guys :)

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    I just received a copy of this miniature from Chris. I am really impressed with the quality of both sculpt and casting. I can highly recommend this to anyone interested in larger scales. The price is very low too, compared to a lot of the competition out there. So you get top quality for less money! What\'s not to like about that? :beer:

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    I ordered mine as well. Looking forward to it, but not sure how I am going to paint it. DO I go for the Centurion look, do I \"Warhammer\" it up? Hmmm......

    now go do more Chris. Hurry.

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    Chris, i\'m really amazed from this beautiful mini! A great project, a very good sculpt!
    I adore your paintjob as always, your style is unique as the passion you put in every details... you know how much i admire you! :beer:

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    nice work chris - greast to see something a little different - almost historical orcs.
    hope its a sucess for you

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