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    Hey guys, guess I\'m a bit late to this discussion but yeah I\'m the guy who did the diorama. First of all I have to entirely agree with everyone about the space problem, it is quite brutal. My original intention was to have a lot more details in the scene, like some smaller nid creatures and some ammo boxes and that sort of thing, but due to the craziness of the last few months of school I didn\'t really get a chance to finish the scene entirely. But I still thought I would enter it anyway and try to get something for it... I didn\'t even consider the possibility of getting the sword. So in my opinion I believe there were quite a few other entries which were much more professionally executed than mine, and were probably more deserving of the sword, but I guess luck was on my side. Anyways I appreciate the criticisms and I will definitely be working on improving the composition and presentation of my models :) Thank you

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    Ahhh I had a feeling it wasn\'t totally done, but lets see some pics! I wanna see up close! Congratz on the sword Malleus!

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    Malleus, never apologize for earning a prize, especially not after such hard work! It\'s not your fault! lol lol

    I share the comments on your piece (didn\'t like the un-tyranid-esque tentaces) but no work is ever perfect and it was really extremely well executed, technique was flawless. I was quite a fan. I look forward to seeing what you come up with next year!

    I\'ve uploaded CMON pics of my Fantasy regiment, while the individual models get approved, here\'s a little group shot;

    edit: emopainterguy, nice effect on the base!

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    Here are some pics i got during the event

    this is me the night befor gamesday painting my fantisy model that got honerable mention. oh it was FAR from don at around 8 the night befor! its at a grayhound station.
    (i ended up getting it to a point where it could be enterd at 4:30 am Saturday lol

    Me zach and paul.

    was tons of fun guys!

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    hehe i remember the painting in the bus station people were just wondering what the heck we were doing lollol

    must say it was great to meet all those great painters usually only seen on coolmini;)

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    good job painting in route.. I man after my own heart.

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    yeah brice that was the greatest, when you did the freehand on the shoulder pad as you were entering your SM! lmao it was tooooo funny

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    Hey finally some coverage of th golden demons:

    It\'s in french so for those who want to see the words you can make use of babelfish:

    I\'m a little unsure of some of the translated lines though, a bit definitely lost there...

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    @emopainterguy : What parts don\'t translate right? There are a lot of typical french expressions in the text that might come out strange :P.

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    Well I think I understand this one, but i\'m not sure:
    La photo ne lui rend hélas pas justice, mais ce petit squelette tout con mérite bien son or. Bravo à son auteur !

    And these ones I\'m not too sure of at all:
    \"Pour le bronze, une scène avec un parfum de déjà vu\"
    \"Les second et troisième ont l’air tout moches, mais mes photos ne sont sans doute pas très justes.\"
    \"Et un finaliste pas mal du tout signé Julien Casses\"

    The rest seem to have all translated well with babelfish...

    I have to admit I really enjoyed this comment:
    \"A little undoubtedly empties, but one is in Canada, the country of big spaces!\"
    (in reference to Arnold\'s slayer winning diorama)

    Noticed a couple entries were missing going through a second time... Victor Lu\'s silver in fantasy single, and the silver winning entry in fantasy regiment.

    P.S. Whos site/blog is that anyways?

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    Originally posted by emopainterguy
    La photo ne lui rend hélas pas justice, mais ce petit squelette tout con mérite bien son or. Bravo à son auteur !
    The picture doesn\'t make it justice, but this little basic skeleton deserved it\'s gold. Congrats to the author.

    \"Pour le bronze, une scène avec un parfum de déjà vu\"
    For the bronze, a scene with a feeling of déjà vu

    \"Les second et troisième ont l’air tout moches, mais mes photos ne sont sans doute pas très justes.\"
    The second and third doesn\'t look too good but it might be my pictures that need fixing.

    \"Et un finaliste pas mal du tout signé Julien Casses\"
    And a pretty good finalist signed Julien Casses.

    P.S. Whos site/blog is that anyways?
    It\'s Denis Bouvet\'s blog. He is the author of the dwarf unit that got silver.

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    I strongly agree on what Silphid / Vincent said...

    You never, ever have to apologize for winning a Trophy... lol ... It´s not your or a \"fault\" at all... It´s the outcome of the judging of certain people, at a certain day on a certain event... It is about taste, personal mood and things we ate the day before... it´s very, very subjective... But since I know that every serious painter loves to hear constructive opinion about his or her work I aimed to give you feedback... I am sure you consider everything and know a lot for you own, and that your next project will be great and better... it´s always like that...:)...

    I congratulate you for having that kind of will to carry on working despite life´s little and big problems and hope to meet you one day somewhere to have a chat... :beer: ...

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    Ah, thanks akaranseth!
    That pretty much clears everything up.
    Were these the dwarfs that placed for silver? The page says they were from the French demons, so I\'m not sure, and I can\'t remember what they looked like.

    @Matt Cexwish: You make any excellent point. I know the comment wasnt directed at me, but I felt like at times I was apologizing for my winning entries...

    I\'m definitely open for criticism on my two entries (skeleton in fantasy single, and spectre in LOTR single). I was thinking about doing touch ups and finishing off some of the details I wasnt happy with on the spectre, but I feel a little unsure about that... It changes the model, making it something other than what earned silver, it feels a little wierd to me.

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    Message original : akaranseth
    P.S. Whos site/blog is that anyways?
    It\'s Denis Bouvet\'s blog. He is the author of the dwarf unit that got silver.
    And his gallery here :

    @emopainterguy : those dwarfs won at GD FR

    @akaranseth : merci de t\'être chargé des traductions ;).

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    Durham red


    Hi Guys,

    I\'d just like to say congratulations to all the Winners and Honourable mentions, you made my day judging both incredibly difficult and enjoyable. The standard of painting was superb!

    Roll on Chicago! :)



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    20 days later... no official coverage. Am I missing something? (Of cause I do, coverage that is :P)

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    I was thinking the same thing.... been checking the GD website pretty frequently for updates and nothing! ><

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    Not trying to make excuses for anyone, but I\'m sure things are still a bit crazy in the GW North American Promo dept. New job roles, fewer staff etc. I\'m sure the team will come through in the end. I\'m certainly keen to see more of the winning entries!


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    I have to agree that GW is really dropping the ball here.
    Almost two months later, and the Baltimore coverage
    isn\'t even complete - no special guests, no gaming
    tables, no banner contest, no costume contest, no
    golden demon honorable mentions.....
    WTF ?!?! How long do you have to wait for someone to
    up load a few pictures ???
    It\'ll probably be December before we see any Toronto

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    There might be a reason for this... I\'ve been told yesterday that GW is revamping its website (yes, again) and they will start promoting it coming month. Since everything web-page related is done now centrally in UK it is likely that they want to postpone Toronto GD release to avoid redoing it when the new site comes up

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