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    Hey Chrispy,

    I recently got the urge to play Mid-Nor Dwarves, the sculpts are just incredible.

    Anyway, I\'ve tried a myriad flesh tones on these evil little buggers and really don\'t like the look of any of them so far. So, I decided to browse the galleries for some inspiration seeing mine is used up, and found your warriors 1 & 2 which look awesome.

    You don\'t happen to remember what base colors you started with on the flesh do you? I\'m going nuts here trying to get something I like :(


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    Well, lemme see ... (I knew I should\'ve written them down)

    :Gets out pencil, dwarves,and paint rack:

    I wish I could point out these areas and remember EXACTLY what they were, as I was just messing around, but here you go: (all colors in Vallejo)

    Base: Dark Blue Grey
    Highlight: Beasty Brown, Iraqui Sand

    Base: Pale Blue
    Highlight: Ochre Brown

    Base: Azure and White
    Shadow: Pink

    Base: Dark Yellow
    Shadow: Burnt Cad. Red
    Highlight: German Yellow

    Base: Blue Violet
    Highlight: Same, plus Pink and White

    Base: Pale Blue
    Highlight: Old Rose

    Now, I\'m doing the third one and I came up with two interesting ones, if you make a 75/25 mix of Black Brown and Azure and add more Azure for highlighting, you get a kind of veiny looking African American skintone (the Despot know no nationalities! :P ). Another is using Beasty Brown as a base, using Blue Violet as a shadow, and make Tan Yellow a highlight, the skin looks like it is leathery and bruised.

    Basically, almost any color can be used to make rotten skin, but placement is key. When skin is not living, blood stops flowing, but it moves around before drying up (this is Lividity, and it\'s used in crimes to figure out which position a body died). The blood naturally sinks into the body, draining the color from the skin in high areas, but in the recesses, it makes different discolorations. The only thing is to be cautious of very briht paint. You can use it, but adding a bit of the basecoat or Neutral Grey helps give it a more natural feel. Color composition is also important, so if you haven\'t read me Color Theory article, I suggest paging through it!
    Hope this helps! :D

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    Awesome this is exactly what I needed, something to work from! Having so many paints but no defined starting point can be a nightmare. Furthermore, looking at decaying things isn\'t something I\'ve even considered ... until now lol

    Thanks again! :D

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