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    Default Lanyfhs des Bois - CONFRO

    HI ALL !
    does anyone have a good picture of these new models from CONFRONTATION
    i just find drawings over the net

    i\'d like to see them for real


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    I have the two blisters, and someone from the english Confrontation forums already asked me to post a picture, so all I can say is to watch my homepage, as I will be posting a WIP picture soon...

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    Ok ... been sitting here patiently going to your site every day ... WHERE ARE THEY?!?!?! ;)


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    Yesterday evening I have finished the Formor Fiends, so I\'ll be uploading these pictures first. Tonight I\'m going to start working on the Lanyfhs, so expect pictures within a day or two (I hope :P).

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    cool ... look forward to seeing them.


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    Default Lanyfhs des Bois

    YOP !

    me too !

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    Default Looking Good!

    Nice looking minis Corvus. :cool:

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    thanks for posting this ... i look forward to seeing them when they are completed.


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    Default nice work

    thanks man !
    think i\'m gonna buy ma blister or two and paint them...

    YEAH RIGHT ! in a millenium or two or three


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