What boosts your self confidence?
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Thread: What boosts your self confidence?

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    Default What boosts your self confidence?

    Although I\'ve got exams in the next few weeks (only three left mind) Yesterday, I had a real confindence boost, the likes of which I haven\'t had since getting into the YB finals at GD 2006.

    I got promoted at air cadets to a corporal. It doesn\'t sound like much, but it shows that people think I\'m doing well in cadets and deserved to be recognised at the squadron.

    It\'s been an amazing confidence boost, and I don\'t feel depressed for the first time in about 6 months :)

    So, I have to ask you guys, what does it take to boost your confidence and make you feel good about yourself?

    cheers guys


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    I\'m a shallow creature really, so usually praise does it for me. Particularly unexpected praise, or praise for something I\'d assumed that no one had noticed.

    They did threaten to promote me at work (nothing confirmed yet tho), and that was good too.

    (Congrats on your promotion! :))

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    my sons promotion to 1st grade and my first 9.0 all in one week.

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    Nice one Rosac! I have three left too :beer: Geography skills, History paper 2 and RS Buddhism. The worst are all over lol

    Recently, finding all my GCSEs so far easy and my amazing girlfriend :)

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    Originally posted by Bill
    and my amazing girlfriend :)
    put the girl down and paint something.......:beer:

    hmm strange one.. never really seen myself as a confident person but others se me as being confident so don\'t really know what triggers it. when crisisof confidence does occur it generally takes a littlepat on the back here and there ..

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    Of late, nothing

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    Congrats on the promotion!

    The only thing that happened recently to help boost my self-confidence was being invited to participate in an art expo here at the local library. I was one of the popular booths, so it was really nice to have so many people - young and old both - hanging around my table.

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    Originally posted by demonherald
    Originally posted by Bill
    and my amazing girlfriend :)
    put the girl down and paint something.......:beer:
    Hahahahaha my girlfriend begs me to paint somtimes, she loves to watch me :) thats prob one reason we get along so well lol

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    For me, it\'s just having my work acknowledged as good, particularly when I know it is.

    It isn\'t that I need to hear it, but that I like to know it\'s been noticed.

    Congratulations on the promotion, too.

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    My confidence is boosted after I come home from the gym.

    Doing well in my classes is also a boost.

    Also boosted when I paint a miniature I am happy with. Winning a golden demon every now and again helps too.

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    something that really boosted my confidence today was when i went to try contact lenses for the first time :cool:

    basically when i was young i used to have eyedrops that were painfull and that kind of left me with a phobia with putting stuff in my eyes like eyedrops and contact lenses

    so when i had some in today at the opticians i felt like i had conquered a fear which made me feal sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good !!!

    and congratz on making corpral my friend is a sargent in the army cadets and he told me it took him ages to get to corpral then not long to sargent so good luck on getting to sargent.

    i have 3 exams too all which are very easy

    graphic designs the easiest ever

    phyics i dont care about lol

    and maths which is ok


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    getting it right. dunno what \'it\' is though

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    years of travellin\' as a poor backpacker have made my self-confidence near indestructable...
    i have to overcome hardships everyday...

    that said, now that it\'s surf season again, and i\'m burnin\' off the winter fat, i feel better...
    the mind and body is always pumped after a good surf session...
    makes up for all those hours of sittin\' alone painting...

    congrats on the promotion:beer:...


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    I\'ve got a Masters degree.
    A beautiful wife & son, who I love whole-heartedly.
    I\'ve back-packed through the shite and best places in the world.
    I live in a fantastic place.
    I\'ve a Gold at the UK GD.
    My job rocks, I get to paint minis ALOT of the time.

    I feel like I have no confidence, people that know me say I have loads.

    So Fellatio \'it\' is then :innocent::rolleyes:

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    Just the little things like recently when Darklord started up that thread where he said my sig was one of his favourites. Knowing you\'ve made a difference even if it\'s only making someone else smile for a few minutes.

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    Having people you don\'t really know come out of a blue to say they really like something you did

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    Looking in my closet and seeing clothes that are 8 sizes smaller than they were last night.

    Listening to my 19 year old son talk like a responsible adult instead of a flakey teenager.


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