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    Default Instructional DVD recommendation???

    So, of the four DVD sets, what do you like?

    Miniature Mentor?
    Hot Lead?

    I think that I am a fairly good painter but looking for the next level of instruction.

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    I in no way consider myself even a good painter but just recently I have seen the P3, JBT and Mini Mentor vids to try to help solidify what I have been learning about through articles over the years.

    I have read a ton about the techniques that some of the really skilled people on here have shared with the community but had a hard time with no real visuals of what the technique actually looked like AS they were applying it.

    With that in mind, I think the Mini Mentor for me gave me most insight on where to go next.

    P3 I felt was more geared toward people new to painting or new-er. It still has some good material in there but didn\'t show me what I was having a hard time with visualizing.

    The JBT and Mini Mentor really showed a clear picture of way to improve blending and what it looks like as far as dilution and how these artists used their brushes in the actual application of the paint to push and pull it to where they wanted to deposit the pigment on the mini.

    Both the JBT and Mini Mentor went into some interesting and helpful \"artsy\" things about color selection, and mixing that people like me with no real art background are usually just guessing on what looks good or what to try in that aspect.

    For commentary and showing what the painter is doing from their viewpoint the Mini Mentor is slightly better IMO. The JBT is good too, I just felt the shots and close up was better in the other.

    All 3 were helpful and had things I learned from them. They\'re just geared toward slightly different things. The JBT had more on basing and other things than just the paint on the mini though and was longer I believe too.

    I did like the Mini Mentor ones to the point where I am considering doing the subscription thing to get the other videos other than the basic 101 vid.

    I dunno, hope this helps :)

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    I can\'t comment on the P3 or JBT DVDs but I have been impressed by Miniature Mentor\'s stuff based on the two DVDs I\'ve had from them.

    There is definitely something to be said for actually watching over someone\'s shoulder as it were.

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    id recommend either miniature mentor or the jbt dvd i have had both and both are brilliant

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    I\'ll join in with the others and say that either Mini Mentor or JBT DVDs are certainly worth it; and get both if you can. I\'ve picked up the JBT DVD (from .sam., no less) and it\'s packed full of information. The MM videos (which I downloaded instead of getting the DVD) are really good at breaking things down and discussing what to do, as well as why to do it.

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    I\'d say the JBT DVD, but I might be biased :P

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    Just remembered this recent thread, andrea videos on youtube.


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    JBT is good if you want to get a general over view of various painting techniques. Also covers complex basing which is very helpful (I need all the help I can get when it comes to bases).

    Miniature Mentor is good if you want to see what techniques most top painters use to make their smooth blends. As long as you do not mind the announcer\'s worthless banter while the painter paints it is a great DVD.

    Hot Lead is a bit disappointing. The technique used is wet blending which is a good technique but the DVD is more theory and actual painting. Also the parts of the video that are paint application are not very fun to watch because the results do not look professional.

    I have not seen the P3 video yet.

    The DVD I really want to purchase is the one by It features Thomas David, JBT, and many others and covers several different painting techniques and all of the work is incredible. Only problem is I think that the video is only in french...

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    Hot Lead is great because it is well organized and gives a well rounded set of skills to look at. This video is very clear and easy to follow along with and will get you results in the 6-8 range her on CMON.

    The JBT and MiniMentor vids are really aimed at taking your skills to the 8+ range here at CMON I think.

    My 2 cents.

    Good luck

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    JBT only, don\'t need to say anymore really.

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    The DVD made by Figurines-TV is very good and it does not seem like many people know about it. It features JBT, Thomas David, and a couple of other individuals and it covers a variety of stuff and uses multiple types of minis and it is a very good video. The only catch is it is in French. I do not know French from a hole in the ground but simply watching the video has definitely helped me learn some great new things.

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    I\'ve watched both the JBT and Hot Lead DVDs, and I vastly prefer the Hot Lead one. It\'s less detailed than the JBT one, and Laslo appears to rely an awful lot on drybrushing, but overall, its feel is more organized and well produced than the JBT one. And, best of all, I can actually understand Laslo - the narrator on the JBT voiceover leaves something to be desired.

    But the Hot Lead DVD has got less content than I\'d hoped for. JBT covers a lot, perhaps too much, but its delivery made me nod off more than once. Not the mark of a good production.

    I\'ll have to get my hands on the MM one now, and compare all three.

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    JBT except no substitutes lol seriously though, it\'s cracking tutorial dvd which gives a lot of insite into most areas of our hobby.

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