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    Hey! I did this for a dude to match the rest of his army. Any C&C always appreciated. This was my first attempt at red hair, I followed Matty1001\'s guide from his site (Thanks hippie!) and I think I like the results. Thanks for looking!

    And the votey-ness for those so inclined...

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    Looks nice, Scott. The red hair works particularly well. I don\'t know how much you\'ve had to conform to existing style and look, but I think the brown coat could do with some more highlighting. At the moment it looks shaded, but not highlighted. Also, the sand on the base is a bit coarse. I\'d have used finer sand, with perhaps a few of these coarser ones to create a bit of variation in the texture.

    Still, a very nice miniature! :)

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    I like the understatedness of the leather on the coat. It was the first thing that I noticed. I\'m not that keen on the hair though. So completely the oppisite of Ritual! What colour did you use for the highlights on the hair?

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    Thanks guys. Appreciated.

    Ritual, the coarse sand is matched up to the existing stuff the guy has. Fair point about the jacket.

    Kester, thanks! And fair point about the jacket as well lol the hair is a basecoat of VMC Burnt Cadmium red, layer up with red gore, red gore and bronze flesh, then bronze flesh. I ripped it off from Matty1001 site, he\'s got an article that I think has great reference and color choices.

    Appreciate the feedback guys!

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    i think the hair looks alright but i am colourblind so can\'t tell how accurate it is!

    i like the coat too, although a couple more highlights would help.

    agree with anders about the sand

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    the shading is realy smooth mate :)

    i agree with ritual, the highlighting could have done with being a little lighter.

    a little trick for gaming figures for time saving is to bring out the edges on coats etc.
    for example, the parts of the jacket that the zip would be attached to, just use some watered down bleached bone and zip the side of the brush along it. instant pop for feck all effort.

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    Great figure Scott, I love the browns, especially on the second pic. Great job on the red hair too.

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    Great mini. The subtle highlighting on the cloak works well.

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    i like the earthy tone to this mini scott

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    Thanks guys!

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    great mini scott :beer:

    your painting improves with every mini

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    Great Scott, scott!

    That really works well.

    Looks very much like military colors, and \'realness\'.

    Good work.

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    I really think that is one of the smoothest paint jobs I\'ve seen of yours.

    Good work Scott.

    (I do agree with the need for a couple of extra highlights on the brown AND possibly on the trousers)

    Keep your paints thin dude...

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