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Thread: 1st post... FW Space Marine

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    @Rich. Thanks for the link. I\'ll check it out.

    I\'m planningn on having mine as a Soul Drinker Librarian but without any mutations. Theres enough work in that without trying to sculpt any extra limbs or such like. Good luck with whatever you choose to do with yours.

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    this thread started off so well but it\'s been nearly a month and no more pics!

    get on with it!

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    Here here! lol

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    Default I\'m in pieces....

    Evening folks!

    thanks for the ideas and encouragement... Sorry \'bout the lack of progress, works been a real \'mare and seriously eating into my (already limited) free time. Also had to take a trip back to the U.K. mainland for a funeral :-( and have family staying at the minute... As such progress has been slooooow.

    Anyway, enough moaning! :-)

    After much chopping, grinding and sanding, this is the current state of play. Quite a way to go yet before I start rebuilding the poor fellow!

    The figure is a bit of a \"fudge\" in parts, for instance the right thigh is a different size, shape and profile to the left (even without me chopping great chunks from it!). As such it needs material adding to the top, the angle changing at the bottom (though the front to rear taper on the left thigh needs to be made more mild by adding material at the rear). And it needs bulking out, altering the profile to more of a \"O\" rather than the current \"0\". Anyway, enough words!

    As for the finish, he\'ll be turned over to the ruinous powers. Khorne was doing a good job of whispering in his ear for a while there, but in the end Nurgle managed to claim his immortal soul... Planning on more of a rusted, pitted and decayed look rather than the typical nurgly boils, warts and tentacles... but as they say, that\'s the plan, everything subject to change! :-)

    I\'m off back to the U.K. for a family re-union at the weekend so I\'ll hopefully update towards the end of next week!

    Laters all!

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    Sorry to hear about the funeral...

    I like the idea of the nurglemarine, would be immensely supersweet! I think I have to order this fella just to try doing that haha!

    Anyways carry on, will be nice to see how this turns out!

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    hope things get back on track. you say the uk mainland, where are you the rest of the time?

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    Just saw you post. I am great fan of this model and have had an interesting time chopping it up once. I have completely re engineered the arms and made silicone moulds to reproduce them. I am currently working on sorting the legs out and am coming up against the same thigh problem as you. Here are some shots. Hope your project is going well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sycotic View Post
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    Wow 8 years !
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    It's never too late to share

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