(Help me Obi Wan) Bretonnian knight WIP
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Thread: (Help me Obi Wan) Bretonnian knight WIP

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    Default (Help me Obi Wan) Bretonnian knight WIP

    Hi all,
    Am new to the site and having had a few years away from the hobby am wanting to catch up with my skills I guess I am ok at the moment (for armies anyway) but have the lead, the time and hopfully the skill to get better.
    This guy still has work to go on the lance and I do not think the blending is too good, but rome was not built in a day!!

    All advice will be taken on board cheers for now James

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    Welcome to the Crazy madness of CMON !!

    Concerning the bret, I\'d say he needs a bit more shading on the cloths. Especially on the white. But I\'m suspecting that the photo is also washing it out a bit so my second advice would be to try and get a better and bigger pic. It\'ll make it easier for people to give you good advice :)

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    still WIP but bigger pictures

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