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    Default .sam.\'s [w.i.p] thread

    hey guys

    well i finished school all together 2 weeks ago and after at least 10 months not painting because of school exams etc i picked up a paint brush again. Plus i wanted something to show at platoon britannica this weekend to get some advice. :D

    but here it is:

    i realise my photography skills arnt brilliant but i thinki im getting better.

    anyway im going for a cold colour scheme hense the blue tinge in the shadows and the snow.

    any advice would be great, and obviously if your going to platoon this weekend i would appreciate some feed back there aswell because imo it looks better irl.



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    Default cool (lol sorry for the pun)

    Congratulations on finishing the exams! I remember those days, long ago now lol. I really like him! Especially the eyes and the snow. I think some freehand on his chest might be good, but then again his bolter might obscure it anyway, so see what you think. Is that blood coming from his feet ? Can you post a close up becuase it looks like they are gored - is that right ? cheers! Nice work, I really like the metallic armour.

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    thanks the feet just have blood on them because i figured theres going to be some blood on a battlefield lol but it looks abit random imo i was thinking of adding a hand where the pool of blood is or maybe adding some bloody footprints ???

    what do you think

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    Hi, I think I would go for a hand if I were you, the base is probably too small for footprints (I think). If you are using a \"human\" hand, I would paint it kind of blue-ish, as if it were starting to freeze, and all the blood was drained out. Looking good so far ! Keep us posted !

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    The metallics are great, and they eyes are really good as well :) I second the idea of the hand, as it is now the blood looks a bit random, looks like he has curb stomped a whole lot of enemies lol

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    dead human hand it is :D

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    This is looking good. I do like the snow effect.

    It looks to me like the red at the front of the helmet (Around the eyes and forehead) could be hilighted some more maybe?

    Very nice, the weathering is slick and the blue tone was added very skillfully.

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    Me and sam were actually doing a little challenge, both painting marines.. so he forfite to me...

    I actually think he would have beaten me by miles...

    Get it finished!

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    i shall get him finished by next week i promise.

    i am buying him some arms tomorrow at pb :D

    i have got to say thanks to you alex because if it wasnt for the challenge i wouldnt of forced my self to paint it and would probably have thrown it away when i finished the armour :D

    and i think it would have been close mate because your marine is ace

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