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Thread: UK - GD, Who & What?

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    Default UK - GD, Who & What?

    There isn\'t one started so I thought I would be the one :D

    So Who\'s going to the UK GD this year?

    What are you going to/intending to bring?

    I\'ll be there (baring accident & injury). Intending to bring:
    1. Diorama (weird eh?)
    2. Duel (again, who\'d a thunk it?)
    3. 40k Single (Tim/Freakina probably has a fair idea what I intend to paint)

    Progress, the diorama is mainly done apart from the finishing off + extra odd & Sods. The Duel is ready to paint, the modelling is done. The base is basically a naked plinth. The 40k single is still in the sealy bag it came in.

    I know it\'s almost exactly three months, so it\'s not too late to plan & paint your Sword winner!

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    I will be there :)

    I\'m guessing the 40k mini is a FW mini? :D

    I\'m gonna be there with:

    1) tau piranha
    2) Artemis (54mm)
    3) 40k single or fantasy single

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    i\'ll be there.

    40k single
    fantasy single

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    second time fore me
    in urgent need of practising

    youngbloods- My Armour is Contempt

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    Originally posted by alextheartist
    I\'m guessing the 40k mini is a FW mini? :D
    Maybe, the other clue is Tim got the retinue that came with him...

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    I\'ll be there... most likely in duel!

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    I\'ll be there too

    This time with only afew entries.

    1) fantasy single mini
    2) fantasy unit - this one didn\'t get finished in time :(
    3) fantasy monster

    Finger\'s crossed I\'ll get them done in

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    ill be there to :bouncy:

    ill be entering 40k squad

    with forgeworld renegade milita comand

    my aim is the finals

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    im pretty sure ill be there ;)

    and if a can get my entry finished ill be in the open catagory :)

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    Duel for me if I get my finger out.

    Looking for another ass wupping Andy?

    Akaranseth in duel also, and I believe Prawnpower.... woo hoo gonna be a tough category.
    Do I need to worry?


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    i\'ll be their for the meet up.

    i\'ll have with me some unpainted minis :D

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    From what I saw at platoon, there are gonna be some suuweeet entries!

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    I will be there (2nd time entering), and mostly just taking part :)

    40K single.

    Plus hoping to bring something else for the meet up.

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    I don\'t know yet. In case I go maybe 40k squad, single and vehicle. Commissions all of them.. so nothing specially prepared as of yet. I want to enter lotr single as well but I don\'t know if I have the time to do the project I had in mind.

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    Looks like I\'ll be in the UK so I should be there.

    Entering diorama, which I\'v pulled out and dusted off my half built entry.

    Peace and love...

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    Originally posted by Talonicus
    Duel for me if I get my finger out.

    Looking for another ass wupping Andy?
    I\'m not affraid...I\'d actually like to see if you got the Giants fighting off the ground (aaarrgghh, saying nice things to Nigel is like saw dust in my mouth). My Duel is quite understated, which means I have to do a good job on the painting (oh crap!).

    @Avelorn, come on Sven! You\'ve gotta come.

    @ Matty, get the Dio done. You know you want to!

    @Alex, yep! Could still be in bag at the end of September. It would be a shame because it\'s a good cast from Forgeworld. Weird eh!

    Forgeworld have done well out of me this GD. The dio and single 40k are VERY forgeworldy....

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    Yeah, last year\'s GD was my first one since \'91 (or \'92, can\'t remember...foggy...I remember booze though), and I enjoyed it hugely, so definitely will be going and entering again.

    I have all the models I need to enter in:

    and a 40k squad

    If I can get the resin to work as it should, I might squeeze out another piece, but would probably have to bung it in Open (so no chance there then ;) )

    We\'ll see - after missing the PB meet last weekend, I\'m looking forward to being irritating and saying hi to everyone...

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    I\'ll be there.

    Hopefully with 40k single and squad. Now i just need to find some time to do some painting.


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    Ill be there, hopefully, entering in,

    - Diorama
    - Warhammer Single
    - Lotr
    - Maybe 40k single

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