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    Originally posted by forrix
    cmon guys pictures ! ???
    I wish.
    My camera Died that morning, badly.
    Just grateful that it\'s still within the 2 Year Guarentee period.

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    I didn\'t take a single pic, I assumed loads of people would, so didn\'t bother trying...

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    I believe this is Julien\'s entry, bronze, if i understood what it says at spanish-team forums correctly:


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    The colours seem very Julien-ish, and it\'s certainly Julien\'s Denethor next to it.

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    That was juliens :)

    I\'ll try and get a couple dozen pics sorted this evening from the event and the day before.

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    Time for a couple of pics

    Had a nice meet-up with Julien, Jeff, kyle and Mathieu on the Saturday
    Also some of the Spanish painters were at Warhammer World as well
    Got to look at several nice pieces and some of the French entries needed final adjustments

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    And some pics from the day itself
    No real order to these
    But I didn\'t scrum to get to the front of 40k single
    So no pics of those

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    And some larger pics of larger pieces

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    Here\'s a bunch \'O\' pics.......

    I won my first ever demon!
    Not sure how it happened mind you.

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    Just thought you guys might like to know. The Winners are up on the GW website here:

    Congratulations to everyone who won.

    PS It\'s nice to see my pics of my Battlewagon put up. :)

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    oh man, i\'ll have to make sure i\'ll be there next year... would have loved to see those mini\'s in the flesh...

    Congrats to all the winner for all those truly well deserved wins... (and to all the others for entering a great mini too).

    and of course, congrats to the community... without which most of us would never reach any standard even remotely close.

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    Thans for all the great pics..I was camera less as I broke it 2nd day of my trip..

    I had a great time meeting everyone and over the moon with a Bronze in a new category for me, Diorama. Someplace I hope to concentrate more on in the next year. Im liking the idea of telling storied more with my work. The Duel with the giants fighting was probably my favorite entry of the weekend!

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    Some really exceptional pieces there. My fav is the Tyranid vs the Ultramarine.

    For me the only downside to all this, is I expect to see some of these entries trawl other painting comps:(

    Hopefully some of those people will actually paint something different for Salute, and not just re-enter their GD stuff:cussing:

    Congrats to Ben, very nice piece.

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    I think a lot of those people have already started/planning new things for Salute. The\'re talking about things over on the Platoon Britannica site.

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