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    any comments about my thoughts for the paintjob?

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    id go with a regal bule great coat and scab red innar of the coat the trouser should chaos black with vertical stripes a red hat and yellow shoulder thinngys and tha rest is up to you hope it helps :D

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    the idea with the stripes is very neat,probably do that ^^

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    glad to help im in love with that model i use to have an imp army and my commander was a warzone model with a power sword bolt pstole and a bionic toe from a kroot to popper but the comaander modle had a gas mask and an officer hat and i want to buy one to revive im imp army from thrid ed wich was dominly meta so to cut to the chase do you know how much that model is in USD

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    It\'s $14,3. plus shipping which I think is 15%

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    you might find some ideas on these pages.

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