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    MOEBIUS passed away the last week, he was 73. He was the best illustrator and drawer of the century, and share an endless imagination with us.
    Moebius is a source of inspiration for many years for me. I met him twice in my life, the first time when I was 12 y.o. . I wanted to sculpt something for him.
    Thank you for everything and rest in peace master.

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    Nice Tribute Romain Such a shame so little of his work is available in English. One of those giants of the BD world I know more through reputation than actually reading their books, hopefully that will change soon! Cheers, B.
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    Amazing! Your sculpt is a dead-on tribute to his style.

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    Rest in Peace, Moebius.
    I always admired his work, he really broke open my imagination as a wee lad. His style was unique, his imagination boundaryless.

    It's a greay sculpt you're doing mate, you certainly do him justice.
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    Fantastic. I knew you loved Moebius and the moment I heard I thought of your work actually as I know he inspires you a lot. I havent spent time looking at the work of Moebius but I certainly will now. Great sculpt Romain, as always.


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    This is superb - a nice tribute - artfully made!

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    The likeness is uncanny. Keep up the good work. By the way, what kind of headgear is he wearing, a helmet?


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