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Thread: Khorne Lord of Skulls conversion to Tower of Skulls

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    Default Khorne Lord of Skulls conversion to Tower of Skulls

    I'm using up half the parts for a walker conversion and using half the parts plus a chaos warshrine to make a Tower of Skulls,
    I'd seen the one based on the Baneblade chassis but thought I'd give this a go -

    initial glue together and filler work done on with a black undercoat and terracotta drybrush over pretty much the whole thing

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    and one from the other side

    Name:  IMG_0893.jpg
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    I wanted to try this out as an old art technique from school years ago - undercoat to tie all the areas together later......

    On with picking out color starting from the top so I can stop from smudging work below!

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    dry brush and layer painting of all colors done using a 3 tone palette for each, first time I've attempted flames and happy enough with the result.
    I generally paint Nurgle and monsters for a looser brush work so this being a vehicle was a real push for me to try something different!

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    Metal work pre-wash stage, I use brass, deep gold and shiny gold - Vallejo Game Color. I've also picked out some rusting on the vents on the walls.

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    a quick ham fist shot of the skull pit and the inner woodwork and brass work - still no wash on the metal at this point.....

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    ink wash on the metal work done, flesh wash in 2 coats, plus a 3 shade skull paint followed by single flesh wash on the tower walls.

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    now currently looking like this, a mixture of dry brush for large panel areas and layer painting for details, the vents are a white undercoat in the recess
    with an orange fluorescent paint designed for fishing floats applied, once dried it had a Tamiya clear red wash and a Tamiya smoke wash applied, orange stippled
    brush work around the outside of the vents.

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    the base is a piece of MDF with a Khorne skull symbol cut from mounting card glued to the top, flock glued around the outside and in all recesses and some brass tack heads used for the rivets. The whole thing was sprayed black, dry brushed with the 3 stage metal work again then 2 coats of flesh wash and a lot of Tamiya clear read flicked onto it!! I've put 8 magnets into the base that lock onto 8 magnets on the bottom of the tracks, keeps it in place without actually gluing it down.

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    I usually paint with Humbrol enamel paint and this has also been an experiment with acrylic, I've really enjoyed how they work and while I'll probably still use some enamel going forwards I've really got into the acrylic paints with washes. This photo is a close up of the front of the war shrine and I'm over the moon with how this came out, the teeth are the same 3 metal colors but with a Tamiya clear yellow wash over them rather than the flesh wash, I've also used a small amount of the smoke again around the nose ring and the recess areas as the far left and right of the face.

    There are a load more images in the gallery folder and I hope you like what I've done, any questions and comments, feed back and crits appreciated :-D

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    The beast is now finished, weighed and measured and listed on Ebay. I've made sure the quote for international shipping is exact by weight and volume, it's a fully insured
    Airsure quote too! UK inland shipping via Special Delivery too.
    I have included a "buy it now" price as I always get asked for one if I don't but there is no reserve on this item.

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    you are a machine. That thing is massive. Looks great.

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    Quite the insane build and great paint job. I hope you get some good bids on it :-)

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    thank you both for the comments and feedback, it's not my usual subject as I tend more to Nurgle and much looser brush work. This somehow felt like a lot of
    work, certainly didn't flow as well as Nurgle based conversions - but it was nice to step outside of my comfort zone to tackle it!!

    I'd seen some conversion of this Apocalypse Super Heavy vehicle using the Baneblade as a base for it but as I'm using the upper torso to make a defiler style walker
    it seemed to be a good idea to go this route for the left over chassis...........

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    this looks awesome! great job dude

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    Best TOS I've seen so far. The details are spot on and the proportions are less cartoonish than most EPIC-scaled-up-versions that are out there.
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    I love it! Blood for the Blood God!
    "Paint flavored coffee is the bestest!"-me

    Take a peek you might learn something or teach me something :-)!

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